Get Involved in ACT

Get Involved in ACT

Experience the joy of the ride today

Did you know that over 4 million Australians will ride their bikes this year and that over the past 10 years cycling participation has increased by over 45% so there has never been a better time to be involved. As a physical activity cycling is in sync with modern life. It is relatively cheap to get started and can be undertaken spontaneously with little very planning required. Riding a bicycle is a social activity that can be enjoyed with family and friends. It also allows participants to maintain fitness whilst spending time enjoying the outdoors.

Whether you are an absolute beginner starting from scratch, someone looking to get back into riding after a break, an athlete looking for some coaching and advice or a volunteer looking to get involved in the sport there are countless opportunities to get in on the action. From our popular Austcycle programs right through to our talent identification initiatives we cater for all levels of riders and looking for safe

Interesting Facts about Cycling:

  • 1.15 Million bicycles were sold in Australia in FY12, making it the 12 consecutive year that bikes have outsold cars.
  • 50% of Australian households possess at least one bicycle.
  • Nine in ten parents agree cycling is a good way for children to keep fit.
  • 39% of Australians will ride a bike at least once a year. The majority of cycling enthusiasts who ride bikes are ”passionate followers” with 69% saying that cycling plays a very important part in their lives.
  • 10K Australians are employed in Australia’s cycling industry with over $1 Billion worth of bikes and accessories sold in Australia each year.
  • The benefits to health and reduction in congestion on the roads are also significant to the community as a whole.

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