Approved Clothing

Approved Clothing

Registered Clothing for Open Competition.

Cycling ACT Technical Regulations and Bylaws require riders racing in colours other than the colours of their Club to be approved by the federation.

Registration fee: $240.00 per Team, payable upon approval.
A registered Team may be 1 to 12 individuals.

A Club is a Full Member Club or Affiliate Club, as defined in the Cycling ACT Bylaws.
Open Competition is classified as "a race for which all Federation affiliated Club or Association Members are eligible to enter".
ACT Cycling Federation Bylaw June 2013

Registration Period: 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019
Approved Team registrations are posted on the Cycling ACT website.

Please submit team registrations using the following form: Team Registration Form 2019.pdf

Exempt from ACT Registration

Teams registered with the UCI (Trade Teams, Pro Tour, Pro Continental, Continental etc)
Teams registered with Cycling Australia (Trade Teams, NRS Teams, National Teams, State Institute/Academy Teams, AIS Teams etc)
Teams automatically covered by Cycling ACT (ACT Cycling Clubs registered clothing, State representative/development clothing etc)
Exemptions only apply to registered members of the above teams.

Team Toast Canberra

Contact: Matt Robertson


Registration Expires: 31st December 2019

Sponsored riders:

Anthony (Christopher) Willis
Peter Townley
Matt Robertson
Peter Taylor
Richard Duncan
Mark Ridley
Geoffrey Annison
Stephen Doyle
Alec Millet
Gordon Brysland
David Jukes



Toast Yellow

Tiffen Cycling 

Contact: Allan Sieper

Registration Expires: 31st December 2019
Sponsored Riders:

Allan Sieper
Stephen Blackburn
Matthew Rizzuto
Jeremy Ross
Jeremy Gillman-Wells
Ben Carmody
Dan Macnamara
Jason Chalker
Trevor Rix
Peter O'Higgins
Stephen Isbel
Andrew Lake
Isobel Jones (junior)


RIDE 365 Team

Registration Expires: 31/12/19
Sponsored Riders:                                                       
Team 1:

Sam Dyne
Steve Crispin
Helene Blackwell
Nick Wilson
Matt Dunstall
Pete Storey
Andrew Whiting
Rowan Lewis
Angus Bell
Tim Britton
Michael Rosser
Michael Foulds

Team 2:

Seymour Savell-Boss
Tony Beasley
Michael Robinson
Matt Hinchcliffe
Simon Costello
Henry Thomson
Sam Cuninghame
Tim Brown
Nathan De Tourettes

Jersey 365 365 Shorts

PBR Cycling


Andrew Chamberlain (Canberra Cycling Club) 198001
Paul Salisbury (International UCI - Mens Elite) AUS19740409
Danny Rosin (Canberra Cycling Club) 200010
Richard Hedley (Canberra Cycling Club) 204639
David Coyles (Canberra Cycling Club)
Tony Nicholson (Canberra Cycling Club) 231495
Tony Rowley (Canberra Cycling Club) 196683
Glenn Sinnot (Canberra Cycling Club) 212439
Alec Brown (Canberra Cycling Club) 221949
John Klein (Canberra Cycling Club) 220247
Dylan Hopkins (Canberra Cycling Club)
Freddie Klein (Canberra Cycling Club) 212443


Oscar Chamberlain (Canberra Cycling Club)
Mia Chamberlain (Canberra Cycling Club)
Samantha Nicholls (Canberra Cycling Club)
Harry Jones (Canberra Cycling Club)
Lauren Bates (Canberra Cycling Club)
Josh Bates (Canberra Cycling Club)
Sarah Pettett (Canberra Cycling Club)
Tom Hedley (Canberra Cycling Club)
Jack Hedley (Canberra Cycling Club)
Devraj Singh Grewal (Vikings Cycling Club) 239828



CBR Cycling

 ACT Academy of Sport

Registration expires 31/12/2020


Zoe Cuthbert (mountain bike)

Corey Smith (mountain bike)

Claudia Marcks (track)

ACTAS bib knicks ACTAS Jersey

Approved ACT Club Kits

CBR Jerseys