How to Start Cycling
Australian Capital Territory

How to Start Cycling

1. Turn up to a club event

Whilst not essential, turning up to a club event is a good place to start. At a club event you can catch a glimpse of the action, and talk to members who might be able to answer any questions you have. You could even turn up to a few different clubs’ events to decide which one suits you best. Following are some regular club events for each club and links to useful pages:

2. Join a club

Once you have decided which club you would like to join, go to the Cycling Australia website.

Now decide which type of membership you would like, depending on your cycling goals. (a description of the membership types is available on the Cycling Australia “Membership” page)

Follow the prompts to nominate your state and club, then input your details into the Cycling Australia database.

At the end you will be asked to supply your credit card details for payment of fees.

Once you have joined, you will receive an email from the Cycling Australia website thanking you for your payment and advising you of your licence number & type. This email is your temporary licence until your licence card arrives in the mail (usually within four weeks). Please carry this email with you to all races as proof of licence. Remember “No licence, no race”!

3. Check your equipment

  • You will need a roadworthy bike with dropped handlebars. It’s a good idea to take your bike in to a shop to get it serviced before turning up to your first club event.
  • A helmet is compulsory and must comply with the Australian Standard.
  • Closed shoes are essential. Cycling shoes and Lycra are optional!

4. Go for a ride

Once you've joined a club check out their calendar of events, you'll soon get into the swing of things!