Without volunteers, cycling events couldn’t take place, so help is highly valued!

Volunteer roles at cycling events include everything from helping out at the registration desk, driving in the convoy, helping with timing and medal presentations, or even becoming a traffic marshal or commissaire!

Cycling events are fun, friendly and exciting to watch. Volunteering at a cycling event is a great way to spend some time outdoors, while supporting a vibrant community.

Did you know?

  • The ACT has the highest volunteering rate nationally with 36.8% of our population actively volunteering. These volunteers contribute over $1.5 billion to the ACT economy every year.
  • Volunteers benefit the ACT community by providing enriched and extended services that would not otherwise be available without their support, and provide great benefit to the community through their activities.
  • Some of the trends in the ACT voluntary sector include:

    • Volunteers are very satisfied with their volunteering roles
    • Canberran volunteers are highly educated
    • Volunteers are seeking shorter, more project driven volunteering roles
    • Volunteers are seeking roles that match their skills and interests