The Gravel Grand Tour kicks off this weekend!
Australian Capital Territory

The Gravel Grand Tour kicks off this weekend!


If you enjoy riding off the Asphalt every once and a while, or are feeling the gravel grinding vibe - being out there in nature with views, having a few laughs with some mates, and perhaps even wearing something other than lycra - we have an event for you!

The first of the three part series hosted by Vikings & Canberra Cycling Club is happening on the 26th of July at 10am. This Timed Participation Event is fully catered, meaning food along the way.......and also at the end. The course is 35km with over 1000m vertical metres of climbing which will test all riders. A longer course will be available for the masochists (closer to 50km and 1500vm!). Along the way you will be surprised by the views and road conditions of Canberra’s managed pine plantations, no doubt.

So, what does being a "Timed Participation Event" mean? Well, it is not a race, but you can still go hard. The rest of us, however, will just be having fun...Furthermore, being a participation event means that you don't need a Race Licence (a Ride Licence will do) and our friends at MTBA can join in the fun as well.

A Road Racing bike is not ideal, something you can ride on dirt roads with preferably low gears would be more enjoyable.

For further details click on the links below;

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!