Cycling Australia No Doping Declaration Policy

Cycling Australia No Doping Declaration Policy


At the Cycling Australia Board meeting of 16 February 2013, the CA “No Doping Declaration Policy” was adopted and is now in force.

This important initiative was taken to ensure that CA meets its obligations to all Australians involved in or interested in the sport of cycling. CA must demonstrate leadership and take strong and transparent steps to continue to promote an anti-doping culture within the sport of cycling and uphold the integrity of CA and cycling in Australia.
CA has resolved that this Policy applies to certain categories of persons closely associated with CA and that these persons are required to sign a Statutory Declaration that addresses the anti-doping rules and any violations. These persons include but may not be limited to;

  • The CA Board

  • Senior staff

  • High-performance personnel working directly with national programs, athletes and teams

  • State Institute coaches or personnel directly involved with cycling programs and athletes

  • Athletes involved in national high-performance programs &/or selected in national teams

  • Senior personnel in affiliate organisations, as determined by those organisations

If you are unsure if you are required to execute this declaration or do not understand any aspect of the declaration or what you should do, please contact me directly at the CA office and I will assist with any further information sought.
You are entitled to seek legal advice at your own expense.
Which form to use:

If you have been required to complete the declaration you should do so on the form of the state or territory in which you reside and therefore, under the respective Oaths Act of that state.
Overseas-based Personnel:
If you reside overseas but are captured by this policy through your relationship with Cycling Australia, please complete a declaration under the ACT/NT (Commonwealth) form.
There is no need for duplication; once a declaration has been made there is no need to do so again unless circumstances have changed and you have something to declare. If you have already executed a no doping declaration through another entity, we simply require a copy of that declaration for our files.
Support Personnel:
CA has a number of personnel involved with national programs and teams for short term secondments; eg, mechanics, physios, soigneurs, etc. As a guiding principle only personnel who spend more than 28 days consecutively or cumulatively with a program in one season, will be required to execute the NDDP.
The NDDP is not applicable to people under the age of 18 years.
Therapeutic Use Exemptions, by definition, provide an exemption for people taking medications containing banned substances for health reasons. Accordingly, taking a substance which is approved by a TUE does not constitute a doping offense under CA/UCI Anti-doping Policies and the declarant can tick box #1.
Return Original Declaration to CA:
If you have been requested to make this Statutory Declaration it must be executed and the original returned to me at the CA office within 21 days from receiving such a request.
Downloadable State No Doping Declaration Policies: 

Thank you for your cooperation with this policy.

Chief Executive Officer

Cycling Australia