Coaching Pathway

Coaching Pathway

Coaches have a vital role in growing participation in cycling.

Coaches work with a wide variety of individuals developing a variety of skills and abilities. They may be engaged as volunteers in local cycling clubs or employed professionally. Their remit may range from winning Olympic titles to teaching someone to ride for the first time. As a result coaches require a broad range of skills, knowledge and behaviours to support the participant’s goals.

CA is committed to developing and supporting coaches through a pathway of learning and development aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of coaches available to support the cycling community.

Coaching Vision

The vision of the CA coaching and education pathway is to develop skills that enhance our coaches skills and engagement, enable personal development, support increases in participation at all levels and help with the achievement of personal and performance goals of those being coached

Coaching Pathway

The coach pathway identifies two key streams: Performance and Participation.

These two streams align to the FTEM model increasing competencies as the coach works from Foundations to Mastery. The alignment of the coaches pathway to the FTEM model ensures that the coach develops the skills, knowledge, aptitude and experience that provide the best guidance and support for people wishing to develop, grow and achieve their coaching knowledge to better support the goals of individuals they coach.

This enhanced understanding of coaching and sport pathway will allow improved rider experiences.

Coaching Education

Coach education is vital to the development of the coaching pathway. This ensures that coaches are knowledgable and skilled at all levels.

The coach education framework supports an individual to focus on either working as a participation or performance coach (or both). Additionally it provides specific add-on specialisation courses based on the interest and focus of each coach.

All courses require participants to demonstrate required competencies for each level and discipline. Coaches are progressed from a gained knowledge (theory) to sessions of delivery (practical).

The courses provide the trainee an opportunity to learn more about the process of coaching (what, when, where and how) through a mixture of practical and theory based learning.

This education approach ensures competencies for each level are progressed in an appropriate and robust format.

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