CA & FulGaz Release Training and Racing Series

CA & FulGaz Release Training and Racing Series


Cycling Australia (‘CA’) is pleased to confirm the member-exclusive training and racing series with our partner FulGaz.

The race series will provide members with the opportunity to race against other members on the FulGaz platform.  

The race series will feature both domestic and internationally based circuits that riders can challenge themselves and others on.  Participants will be eligible to win random prizes throughout the series of events. 

Results will be provided for male and female participants in: 

  • ‣ J15
  • J17
  • J19 
  • Elite (inc. U23)
  • Masters (each age bracket)

Cycling Australia has also partnered with USA Cycling and Canadian Cycling to provide a country versus country competition. Random prizes will be provided from Cycling Australia, USA Cycling and Canadian Cycling to members who participate in the Tour events.

FulGaz Race Series




28 April

Time Trial Series: Weekly Time Trial (run for 4 weeks)
Results for Each Time Trial and Overall

Week 1: Beach Road
New Courses are being added by FulGaz and will be announced as part of the series shortly.

18 May

Tour of Australia: Iconic 4 Stage Tour of Australia where participants will have 1 week to complete each stage. Week 1:Great Ocean Road
Week 2: Brisbane River Loop
Week 3: Grafton to Inverell
Week 4:Sydney to Wollongong
18 May Grafton to Inverell: Race the highlight sections of the Aussie Classic. Participants will have two weeks to complete the course. Details to be released shortly
1 June
Tour of North America: 4 Stage Tour of Stages from North America where participants will have 1 week to race each stage.
Details to be released shortly

More events are currently under development and will be announced shortly.

Train with the Aussie Cycling Team

Every Friday an exclusively coached workout from Australian Cycling Team athletes will be available where participants can be lead through some of the favorite courses of these athletes.  For some courses, CA members will also be able to challenge themselves against these world champion and Olympic and Paralympic athletes to measure themselves against these athletes.

CA members will also have access to exclusive programs being developed by USA Cycling and Canadian Cycling which will show up in your ‘Cycling Australia’ folder on FulGaz.

FulGaz Training and Challenge Series Schedule

Date available


Lead Rider(s)

Friday 10 April

Centennial Park

Brodie Chapman

Friday 17 April

Kinglake FTP Test

Lucas Plapp 

Friday 24 April

Corkscrew Rd

Georgia Baker 

Friday 1 May

Darren Hicks: 1 Leg Challenge:
Norton Summit

Darren Hicks

Friday 8 May

Beachmont Road

Lucy Kennedy

Friday 15 May

1 in 20

Kell O’Brien

Friday 22 May

Muur van Geraardsbergen and Bosberg

Amy Cure

Friday 29 May


Meg Lemon

Friday 5 June

Sterling Loop

Leigh Howard

Friday 12 June

Outdoor Track

Maeve Plouffe

Friday 19 June

World Para TT Challenge A & B

A - Alistair Donohoe & Emily Petricola

B - David Nicholas and Paige Greco

These opportunities can be found in the ‘Cycling Australia‘ folder in the FulGaz app. To access this member-only app, find the promo code via the member benefits portal, and enter it here on FulGaz when you're logged in.  Look out for the CA logo!


  • In April 2020, FulGaz is now offering all CA members a 20% discount off their subscription fee. 

  • Extension of the 2-week trial to a 4 week trial for all CA Members

Your promo code can be accessed at:

CA Member Portal on FulGaz

FulGaz member portal


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