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Ditch the keys, ride a bike!


Does getting to and from work have you stressed and bored? Get happier by ditching the car keys and ride to work instead! 

Active commuting to work, whether it be by bike or by foot, can get you fit, save the environment, plus save you time and money! 

In Australia, full-time workers spend nearly six hours a week on average travelling to and from work. Among them, nearly a quarter of commutes take 45 minutes or more, and that’s just one way!

A recent study found that those who commute longer distances tend to have more days off work due to illness, and among middle-aged workers, those who walk or cycle performed better in the workplace. 

There are numerous health benefits associated with the physical activity that comes with active commuting including increased life expectancy, decreased stress, increased energy and cognitive functioning, plus improved mental health and social connectedness. 

Active commuting also contributes to environmental sustainability, social cohesion, reduced traffic congestion, lower road transportation costs, and improved community liveability. 

Don’t forget, active commuting in many instances can be quicker, and it can also save you money you would usually spend on public transport tickets, petrol or car parking.

We suggest you talk to your employer about what end of trip facilities are provided at your work such as  bike parking options and showers.
Plus have a chat to us about the range of Cycling Australia memberships which will help get you on the bike including our RIDE Basic and RIDE Plus memberships. 

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