Event organiser info & application

Event organiser info & application

Cycling Australia wants to help you in your journey as an event organiser.   

To be sanctioned by Cycling Australia (‘CA’) means making a commitment to safety, quality standards and regulations.

Supporting cycling events is a strategic priority of CA. We're seeking to inspire more people to ride and cycling events help to support this vision. To help us meet this goal we can provide a number of resources to help make your event successful. 

Event Endorsement

Cycling Australia and our member states offer an Event Partnership Program.

With thousands of events registered with us every year, CA can help you to ensure that your event is successful. In addition to insurance support we can help with:

  • Maximising participant sign up numbers;

  • Improving customer experience and event success; and

  • Managing risks and obtaining relevant approvals more easily.

  • Endorsement that the event is safe and worthy of endorsement by the national sports organisation for cycling.

Endorsement Requirements

Cycling Australia is committed to making sure that any rider has a safe and enjoyable experience whether that is commuting to work, riding with your family or racing in a CA endorsed event.

Cycling Australia require any event organiser who is looking to deliver a recognised event to have these mandatory risk assessment and plans in place and provided to as part of your application.

  • Event Plan

  • Traffic management

  • Risk Management Plan

  • First aid/medical plan

  • Copy of approvals from local authorities (Police and Council)

Event Organisers Insurance

Our event organiser endorsement offer provides insurance and peace of mind for event organisers.

Event organisers and participants are protected with the right insurance at an affordable price. Our insurance includes:

  • Up to $20 million public liability insurance to cover you, the event organiser

  • Participant public liability and personal accident insurance (All sanctioned events are required to have at least short-term membership for all participants).

  • Dedicated support team to deal with insurance queries and claims

Participant cover outside of event days

Cover for you, your volunteers and your participants is only provided for the days of event that you have stipulated in your event organiser application form. If you would like your members or participants to receive cover outside of your event days and in the lead up to the event they can purchase a relevant membership via our membership site below

If your event is classified as a Ride Event we recommend riders purchase the ‘Ride Plus – Monthly’ membership option which will cover the rider for an entire month from $11 (prices may vary from state to state). This membership option can be opted out of at any time meaning riders can have peace of mind knowing they covered and only for the period they require. This is perfect cover for any riders who are looking to train in the lead up to your event.

If your event is classified as an official Race Event, your riders will require a race membership. If your event is a riders first official race we have a number of one off options that they can purchase as a trial. If your riders have entered in a race before they will need to purchase an annual race membership relevant to their age.


Pricing Structure

CA fees vary based on the nature and size of the event. These fees include a sanction fee based on the level of event, as well as a per person insurance fee for non-CA member participants.

Event Type Pricing
Race: UCI and Level 1 Please Contact Cycling Australia
Race: Level 3-6

$250/per day

Ride $250/per day




Non-CA Member Participant Pricing 

Cycling Australia must be made aware of any individual that participates in your event. If they are known CA members, please let us know and no additional charge will be invoiced. Any non CA members will be charged at the price below. No cover is guaranteed for an individual unless your event is financial in respects to the non CA members who participate. We recommend confirming your participant list with us before your event is held.

Membership Type  Pricing
Ride Membership  $11.50/per person per day
Race Membership   $38.65/per person per day


Fees may be further discounted where organisers offer discounted entry to CA members - generally $20 off the early bird and standard entry price. 

You can find the link to the online application form click the link below:


If you have any questions please let our membership team know HERE