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Liam Quinlivan takes first international podium in China


Sunbury local Liam Quinlivan has taken his first ever international podium over in China at the 2019 Hohhot international X-Sport Pro Games. 

The podium comes shortly after the 21 one-year-old suffered an injury setback in late May with a big crash in training. The rising star has earned this podium and when asked how it just to get a podium, he quipped.

“It is almost indescribable to be honest. All of the years of training, being injured, financial difficulties then starting to get my name out there and coming to this has made me so grateful to all of my family and friends helping where they can to get me here I am overwhelmed with many great feelings I am almost crying with pride and joy!”


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After qualifying second, it wasn’t a straight shot the podium in the final as he is still feeling the effects after his May crash in France. By sticking to his core tricks, he was able to pull through and put some serious points on the board. 

“My run was challenging! I had a crash in France and I still haven’t fully recovered... I started out with a double backflip and kept to what I knew with a few big tricks! I still have limited movement in my shoulder and had to work around that which made it so much harder.”


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About 2019 Hohhot International X-Sports Pro Games

The games opened on Saturday in Inner Mongolia’s Autonomous Region's capital Hohhot, with the participation of nearly 100 athletes from 17 countries and regions.

During the two-day event, athletes competed against each other in x-sports like BMX skateboarding and inline skating.

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