Membership category refinement and insurance price review

Membership category refinement and insurance price review


We are simplifying our membership categories to make them fairer and simpler.

Membership category changes - from 18 February 2020

The key changes in this regard are as follows:

  • - Reducing the number of membership categories from seventeen to eleven.
  • - Reducing the cost of non-elite racing membership for those under the age of 30.
  • - Creating a concessional membership category for Race and Ride memberships which include people who are 65+, under 19 and/or with a para-cycling classification.
  • - Simplifying Kids membership – allowing all “Kid” members to race should they wish.
  • - Simplifying Race memberships – eligibility for age-based racing (junior, under 23, masters and seniors) determined by the member's recorded age, instead of membership type.

Below is a summary of the old memberships, aligned to the new simplified Memberships.

Membership table

We hope you find these changes positive and we will continue to strive to improve the value of our membership categories and offering. After introducing monthly memberships in 2019, and the slated changes above for 2020, CA plans to continue to work with our States, Clubs and Members to continue to refine the membership offering to ensure that we remain relevant and accessible to all Australians. 

If there is an obvious change you think we’ve missed - feel free to provide feedback through the following link HERE.

Pricing Changes - from 18 February 2020

A key component of our membership is the insurance cover provided to all members.

Over the past twelve months, the cost of providing this cover has increased materially, primarily due to increased claims. During 2019, a significant component of the cost increase was borne by the National, State and Territory associations through accessing reserves. Since that time we’ve seen an additional increase to insurance costs. Therefore from 18 February 2020 our membership prices will rise to adjust for the increased cost of insurance. 

Membership increases will come into force for new memberships and renewals purchased from 18 February 2020. For those Race members who have an annual Race membership which is paid by monthly installments, the increase will not apply until the anniversary of their membership. For example, if you purchased your membership on 12/1/2020, the increase will come into effect on 13/1/2021.

Last year, an insurance working group was formed, which included key staff from our State and Territory Associations, to review options to optimise the insurance product offered to members. This working group has developed a potential new membership insurance model.

However, your feedback is important to us and therefore over the course of the coming months, a detailed member survey will be undertaken to determine if it is what our members want and to assess the likely demand for different insurance options. When this survey is released, we encourage all members to participate as this will inform how we offer insurance as part of our membership in future.


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