Derny Training Requirements

Derny Training Requirements

Motorbikes and/or Dernies are permitted to be used on both indoor and outdoor velodromes. Bikes do not have to be registered for use on velodromes, although the promoters do have a responsibility to ensure that the bike is in suitable working condition and does not pose a danger to other track users and or facilities.

The Motorbike/Derny rider is permitted to wear an Australian Standards approved cycle helmet and not a full motorcycle helmet. This has been agreed on for safety reasons. The rider must hold a full CA category licence for pacing during sanctioned race events and at minimum hold a CA licence (including non-competitor license) for sanctioned pacing of a rider in non-race events such as keirins, motor-paced scratch races and or motor-paced training events.

Derny and Motorbike riders are required to be accredited as a motor-pace rider and/or derny pace rider by CNSW or a competent Level 2 accredited coach.

All individuals riding the Motorbike or Derny must hold a valid motorcycle licence. 

Motorbike riders are not permitted to provide coaching advice to members being paced unless they are an accredited Cycle Coach.

A club or promoter should always place the safety of competitors and the public first when using a Motorbike or Derny for training or in competition events. The Motorbike/Derny rider, club officials and volunteers are covered for normal insurance benefits under the CA members’ insurance benefits package for personal and public liability insurance cover as outlined under the member benefits insurance package guidelines. All CA affiliated competitors are also covered whilst the Motorbike/Derny is being used during training and race events.

The member benefits insurance does not extend to cover for Motorbike/Derny or racing cycle equipment, clothing and or track repairs caused as a result of an incident by the Motorbikes or Dernies. All officials and members should be made aware of this exclusion and accept this as a condition of entering the velodrome for training or competition where a Motorbike or Dernies sanctioned for use.

Safety is of paramount importance at all times.

It is recommended that where Dernies and/or Motorbikes are being used for training and/or competition on Velodromes, such sessions be sanctioned by the Club with a minute recording dates and approximate times retained on file.

Accreditation & General Details

Training consists of 2 supervised track sessions by a coach with a Level 2 or higher accreditation. First session includes motor bike check (tyres and fuel), riding on the track following lines on different sections of the track and at different speeds.(60 KmPH max).

Second session includes review of first session and practice the skills learnt in first session, riding on the track with cyclists following. Max speed 60 mph. Discussion including care to be taken with cyclists following and with other cyclists using the track, gear cyclists using, fitness of cyclists and max number cyclists behind the bike.

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