CNSW Staged Transfer of Assets to AusCycling

CNSW Staged Transfer of Assets to AusCycling


As of 16 August 2021, Cycling New South Wales has effectively ceased to operate.

The staff, operations and most of the assets of Cycling NSW have been transferred to AusCycling, the multi-discipline national body that administers road cycling, track cycling, BMX and mountain bike in Australia.

At a CNSW special general meeting in December 2020, CNSW clubs voted to authorise the CNSW Board to enter into an agreement under which there would be a staged transfer of assets from CNSW to AusCycling.  The transfer of staff and operations has been completed, with the transfer of various other assets to follow after an 18-month transition period.

This brings to a close Cycling NSW’s role as the administrator of road and track cycling in this state.

I believe that in order to see cycling in NSW prosper and grow, we needed to commit and make the ‘big-picture’ decisions for the future success of our sport, our member clubs, and our riders. Cycling in NSW needs to remain united and continue being a stakeholder in Australian cycling.

I want to thank the Cycling NSW board of directors for their backing, guidance and support during the negotiation and transition process. I recognise the committed Cycling NSW staff, clubs, volunteers, officials and leaders who have contributed and will no doubt continue to contribute invaluably to the strength of cycling in our state.

From now on, please direct any general questions about cycling in NSW to AusCycling and visit the AusCycling website for the latest news and information.

Matt Bazzano,

Chair, Cycling NSW