Meg Marker crosses borders to win Clarence St Cyclery Cup

Meg Marker crosses borders to win Clarence St Cyclery Cup


South Australian teenager Meg Marker (South Coast CC) has won the women’s Clarence St Cyclery Cup.

The 16-year-old, originally from Darwin, edged out Selina Ho (St George CC) in a photo finish to take out the Sydney wheelrace.

How the race unfolded

At the beginning of the carnival, the interstate rider was unknown to most spectators at Dunc Gray Velodrome. However, after winning her heart starter event and taking silver in the Under-19 Scratch Race Championships, it became clear that Marker would be the rider to watch, given her 75m mark.

The wheelrace began with 16 finalists. Limit rider Caitlin Williamson (Dulwich Hill BC) waited and worked with Samantha Beatty (Parramatta CC) and fellow frontmarkers Tahlia Dole and Emily Strumfin (Illawarra CC), but Marker followed the wheel of Hannah Sandison (Parklife CC) towards the front with two laps remaining.

Making the move around the outside was a pair of NSWIS sprinters in Kalinda Robinson (Bathurst CC) and, on her wheel, Selina Ho, with the backmarkers out of contention.

Sensing the danger, Marker stepped around Sandison with 300 metres remaining, taking the bell while Ho launched off the banking with her pure sprinter’s skills.

Ho had great speed but Marker matched the acceleration, and with the inside line, the two came into the finishing straight side-by-side. Despite a huge bike throw by the St George sprinter, the photo finish proved that Marker had held on to win the Cup.

Lucie Fityus (Hunter District CC) followed the wheels to take third place.

Winner’s reactions

“I was pretty surprised to have got it at the end,” Marker said. “I was a bit nervous at first, but I got over it. I was just happy to be racing those incredible ladies.”

Marker described how edged out the fast-finishing Selina Ho.

“I saw her on the outside with a lap-and-a-half to go, so I thought I’d go. I came around at the end and just had enough in the legs to do another acceleration, and I just got her,” she said. “I was just trying to keep pedalling; it was very fast.

“It’s amazing just having my name on there [the Clarence St Cyclery Cup] next to those amazing people. It’s pretty incredible, so I’m pretty happy,” Marker said.

State championships

In other results, former Canadian champion Lizanne Fox (St George CC) took a popular victory in the Elite Women’s Keirin Championship. Lucie Fityus was too good in the NSW Scratch Race Championships.

Kalinda Robinson (Bathurst CC) successfully defended her Under-19 Scratch Race and Keirin titles.

Word by Ryan Miu. Photos by Florent Malezieux.

Race replay


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Open Women Clarence St Cyclery Cup Final

1.            Meg MARKER (South Coast CC (SA))                                       

2.            Selina HO (St George CC)                                           

3.            Lucie FITYUS (Hunter District CC)                            

Elite Women NSW Keirin Championship Final

1.            Lizanne FOX (St George CC)                                                     

2.            Selina HO (St George CC)                                                          

3.            Hannah SANDISON (Parklife CC)

Elite Women NSW Scratch Race Championships

1.            Lucie FITYUS (Hunter District CC)                                                          

2.            Tahlia DOLE (Ilawarra CC)                                                         

3.            Makenzie SCOTT (St George CC)

JW19 NSW Keirin Championships

1.            Kalinda ROBINSON (Bathurst CC)                                                          

2.            Rebel BROOKER (Tolland CC)                                                   

3.            Sarah CLIFF (Ilawarra CC)

JW19 NSW Scratch Race Championships

1.            Kalinda ROBINSON (Bathurst CC)                                                          

2.            Meg MARKER (South Coast CC (SA))                                                      

3.            Emily STRUMFIN (Ilawarra CC)