Dunc Gray Velodrome to reopen with new COVID-19 Protocol

Dunc Gray Velodrome to reopen with new COVID-19 Protocol


Dunc Gray Velodrome will reopen for casual member training from Tuesday, 21 July 2020, subject to a new COVID-19 Protocol.

Cycling NSW is taking COVID-19 safety precautions very seriously, especially in light of the recent cases in south-west Sydney. All users of the velodrome will therefore be required to comply strictly with the protocol.

The COVID-19 Protocol requires online pre-registration. Riders will not be allowed to turn up unannounced.

All training groups must nominate one person to be a COVID Safety Responsible Person for their group. If you wish to train by yourself, you will be the Responsible Person for your individual session.

The Responsible Person must complete a 30-minute certification course on COVID safety. They will be responsible for ensuring their training group complies with the COVID-19 Protocol, which includes using the provided hand sanitiser and surface wipes, and maintaining 1.5-metre physical distancing whenever riders are not on the track.

After training, the Responsible Person must sign out and pay for their group at the Cycling NSW office by contactless EFTPOS.

Anybody who is COVID-19 positive or has symptoms of COVID-19 must not attend.

Click to read the Dunc Gray Velodrome Training COVID-19 Protocol.

UPDATE 3:20PM, 17/07/20: Monthly passes will be available. A previous version of this article stated that they would not be available at this time.