Dunc Gray Velodrome Training COVID-19 Protocol

Dunc Gray Velodrome Training COVID-19 Protocol

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Dunc Gray Velodrome is closed to casual training until further notice

Cycling NSW is taking COVID-19 safety precautions very seriously. Users of Dunc Gray Velodrome who do not follow this protocol may be suspended from training.

Member track training at Dunc Gray Velodrome open from 8:30AM–5:00PM Monday–Friday subject to the following COVID-19 safety protocol.

Please note that this protocol does not apply to NSWIS and Bankstown Sports Cycling Club training sessions, which have their own COVID-19 Safety Plans.

Step 1: Get certified

One person in each training group must nominate themselves as the “COVID Safety Responsible Person” for that training session.

The Responsible Person must:

  1. complete the Australian Government's Infection Control Training before the track training session;
  2. keep a (digital or print) copy of their Certificate of Acknowledgment with them during the training session; and
  3. enter the Certificate Number when pre-registering.

If you are training by yourself, you are the COVID Safety Responsible Person for your training session and must complete the certification.

Step 2: Pre-register

All attendees at training must be pre-registered for a training session. Persons not registered for the session will be turned away.

The deadline for registration is midnight the day before your session.

The Responsible Person must register for their group by filling out this Dunc Gray Velodrome Training Pre-Registration Form.

The Responsible Person need only make one registration per group. It is not necessary for every member of that group to also register for themselves.

You will be required to:

  1. supply the name and AusCycling licence number of every attendee, including coaches and handlers;
  2. enter the start and finish time of your training session;
  3. enter your Infection Control Training Certificate Number; and
  4. confirm that every riding attendee is a current AusCycling member and has previously ridden at Dunc Gray Velodrome or a similar banked track.

Groups are limited to a maximum of 20 people.

Step 3: On the day

At your training session, all attendees must observe the following protocols:


  • DO NOT attend if you are COVID-19 positive or have had close contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive, have symptoms of COVID-19 (such as a fever, dry cough or shortness of breath) or have returned from overseas within 14 days
  • DO NOT attend if you have not been pre-registered for that training session
  • DO NOT gather in the carpark or near the velodrome before or after training
  • DO NOT move any chairs, tables, fences, bike racks or other furniture
  • DO NOT share food or drink
  • DO NOT enter any areas that are taped off
  • DO NOT cough, spit or sneeze near or onto others


  • DO bring a payWave or PayPass-equipped debit/credit card or phone for payment
  • DO keep at least 1.5 metres away from others at all times except when actually training on the track
  • DO arrive dressed and ready for training
  • DO enter and exit through the Cycling NSW office entrance on the eastern side of the building. DO NOT use the rider entrance on the north-eastern end
  • DO use the provided hand sanitiser before, during and after training
  • DO wipe down all touched surfaces before and after using the provided surface wipes, including: chairs, bike racks, railings, toilet taps, buttons and door handles
  • DO follow the NSW Public Health Orders and NSW Health guidelines at all times

Please note the following facilities are not available:

  • Rider entrance
  • Start gates
  • Loan bikes
  • Changerooms
  • Showers
  • Kitchen, staff toilets and dining area

In short, you must adopt a “Get in, Train, Get out” approach and practise good personal hygiene.

Step 4: Sign out and payment

After training, attendees must wipe down all touched surfaces using the provided wipes, sanitise their hands and exit promptly while maintaining 1.5-metre physical distancing.

The Responsible Person must complete a sign-out process at the front desk of the Cycling NSW office, near the entrance/exit. Only the Responsible Person is to approach the front desk. All other attendees should exit the venue as swiftly as possible.

The sign-out process involves:

  • Signing off on the training session;
  • Paying for training via credit or debit card; and
  • Sanitising your hands before leaving.


On the Cycling NSW front desk will be a sign-out book, a stack of single-use pens, and a pen disposal container.

The Responsible Person must use one pen to complete the sign-out book before disposing the pen in the container.

You will need to:

  • Record the name of every person who actually attended your training session;
  • Record your arrival and departure time; and
  • Sign a declaration that your group has complied with the COVID-19 safety measures listed above, including wiping down surfaces.

Cycling NSW will disinfect the used pens and replenish the supply regularly.


A Cycling NSW staff member will process payment for the whole group contact-free using an EFTPOS machine (payWave/PayPass).

No cash payments will be accepted.

The price per attendee per session is:

  • • $20 for U19s and above
  • • $10 for U17s and below
  • • $75 for a monthly pass         

No distinction will be made between riders and non-riding attendees (e.g. coaches).

Please sanitise your hands before leaving the building.

Please advise Cycling NSW staff if wipes or hand sanitiser need to be replenished, or if there are any other issues.

IMPORTANT: the Responsible Person is responsible for the group’s compliance with these protocols. COVID-19 is a serious public health and safety concern. Non-compliance may result in you and your attendees being suspended from future training sessions.