Riding a bike is a wonderful feeling. The whir of wheels, the rush of wind, soaring along on the power of your own two legs. The bicycle makes us free.

That’s especially true for kids. Many of us fondly remember the freedom bikes gave us: roaming the streets with our friends, learning to be independent. Riding a bike unlocks boundless potential for your child’s future.

That’s why it's so important to growing up in Australia. In any year, 70% of Australian children aged 17 and under will ride a bike (Australian Cycling Participation Survey, 2019).

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” - John F Kennedy

Cycling NSW, through our network of local clubs, helps children learn the skills they need to safely ride in parks, on bike paths, in local streets, and on the road and track. If they want, they can race, too.

Why ride with us?

Riding with your local cycling club helps your child:

  • • Make friends
  • • Learn lifelong skills
  • • Experience challenge and achievement
  • • Develop health and fitness
  • • Learn to look after gear and equipment

And most importantly, it’s fun and exciting!


Bring the family with a free race and free access to two weeks of unlimited racing

Want to share the thrill of racing with your family? Then bring them along for two weeks of unlimited club racing, including free entry to their first race.

Any current Cycling Australia race member can nominate their family members (2 adults + 2 children) for this FREE OFFER. Sign up and get them racing today!

How can my child get started?

Many cycling clubs hold junior skills and training sessions. They’re a fantastic, fun way to introduce your child to the thrill of riding a bike. Click here to find a junior program near you.

For insurance reasons, your child will need to sign up as a member before taking part in club activities. Click here to become a Cycling NSW member or take advantage of our Race With the Family offer.

You can use an Active Kids voucher to pay for your child’s membership! Click here to claim an Active Kids Voucher.

For most club activities, the minimum age for participation is 5 years old.