Junior Racing

Junior Racing

Racing is a lot of fun! Kids love getting on their bike to compete, going as fast as they can, learning new skills and achieving their personal goals.

Racing teaches a whole set of skills and qualities, such as:

  • • Good sportsmanship
  • • Respecting others
  • • Teamwork
  • • Setting and reaching goals
  • • Challenging your limits
  • • Healthy training and diet
  • • Safe bunch riding
  • • Strategy and tactics

In NSW, juniors can try racing from as young as 5 years old. For these younger riders, modified race simulation activities are conducted with a focus on basic motor skills, learning and fun.

As children progress through the age groups, races scale up in length and complexity as the focus shifts to advanced movement skills, tactics and performance.

Club races

Your local cycling club is the place to start racing. Many clubs around NSW hold junior-specific race activities, or allow older juniors to race in their open-age club events.

Find junior racing near you or contact your local club through our Club Finder.

State Open races

Cycling NSW regularly holds junior “State Open” races on track (in summer) and road (in winter).

Junior State Opens bring junior cyclists together from all across NSW, offering greater depth and breadth of competition.

Each year, the track and road seasons culminate in the NSW Junior Track Championships and NSW Junior Road Championships, where age-group state champions are decided.

To find an upcoming junior State Open, visit our Events calendar.

National races

Every year, the state’s best Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19 cyclists are selected to represent NSW in national and international competition. For more information, visit NSW Junior Representative Teams.

NSW also hosts rounds of the National Junior Track Series and National Junior Road Series.

Buy a race licence

In order to race, your child will need a Race Membership with Cycling NSW. Register for a membership through the Cycling Australia membership portal.

You can use an Active Kids voucher to pay for your child’s membership! Click here to learn claim an Active Kids Voucher.