New COVID-19 restrictions, Greater Sydney in lockdown

New COVID-19 restrictions, Greater Sydney in lockdown


(Updated 7 July 2021)

Greater Sydney

In response to a COVID-19 outbreak, the NSW Government has announced stay-at-home orders for Greater Sydney, including the Central Coast, Blue Mountains, and Wollongong lasting until Friday, 9 July 16 July.

Everyone in Greater Sydney must stay at home unless it is for an essential reason, including exercise outdoors in groups of 10 or fewer. Community sport (including racing) is not permitted.

Therefore, casual training and Try the Track at Dunc Gray Velodrome will be closed during this period.

Outside Greater Sydney

NSW Health has also tightened restrictions for the rest of NSW. For those outside Greater Sydney, the following restrictions will be most relevant to cycling:

Stay-at-home Orders

People who have been in Greater Sydney on or after 21 June must follow the stay-at-home orders above for a period of 14 days after they left Greater Sydney.

Mask Wearing

Masks are compulsory in all indoor non-residential settings and at COVID-19 safe outdoor public gatherings.

You must therefore wear a mask when attending races and training sessions where a COVID-19 safety plan is in place. (Please note, a COVID-19 safety plan is required for any gathering of more than 200 people).

However, you may remove your mask when engaging in "strenuous physical exercise".

4m2 Rule

The one person per four square metre rule is re-introduced for all indoor and outdoor settings.

This means the maximum capacity of any premises, including clubhouses and outdoor velodromes, will be one person per 4m2.

Travel Restrictions

People across NSW should only enter Greater Sydney for essential purposes.

Visit the NSW Government COVID-19 website for more information.