Spectators, visitors to hot spots asked to stay home

Spectators, visitors to hot spots asked to stay home


In accordance with recent updates from the NSW Office of Sport, Cycling NSW asks spectators and persons who have visited identified COVID-19 "hot spots" not to attend bike races for the time being, including this weekend's Orica Hunter Junior Tour and club racing.

Sport and recreation organisations are now required to take all reasonable steps to minimise the number of spectators attending community sport events.

The Office of Sport has asked that all community sport organisations, including Cycling NSW and its cycling clubs, put plans in place to minimise spectators to parents and carers only, where practical.

Unfortunately, this means they’d prefer no aunties and uncles, grandparents or siblings crowding the sidelines if they don’t need to be there.

For the Orica Hunter Junior Tour, Cycling NSW asks riders not to bring spectators along, other than one parent or carer. The general public is asked to stay away from the event this weekend.

Furthermore, the Office of Sport requires sport organisations to exclude participants (including spectators and officials) if they have visited Victoria in the 14 days prior, or attended any of the reported case locations listed on the NSW Health website. Please do not attend any bike races and other sporting events if you belong to this category.

Finally, please do not attend any sporting events if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, such as a dry cough, shortness of breath or fever.

We thank our members for their understanding and cooperation and hope you will continue to enjoy riding and racing safely in these difficult times.