St George and Vikings win NSW Team Pursuit Championships

St George and Vikings win NSW Team Pursuit Championships


St George Cycling Club and the ACT-based Vikings Cycling Club have won the NSW Elite Team Pursuit Championships in Sydney today.

In the Elite Women category, the Canberran quartet of Hannah Calderwood, Kirsty Lower, Isabelle Burns (Vikings CC) and Claudia Marcks (Canberra CC) all backed up their team sprint efforts to win the 4,000 metre endurance event.

They rode unopposed to complete the race in a time of 5:35.768.

In the Elite Men, the St George team of Daniel Gandy, Rohan Haydon-Smith, Maximilian Cyreszko and Christopher McInnes made short work of Bankstown Sports CC, catching their opponents to take the title.

In the Masters and Junior events, teams including Randwick Botany CC, Lidcombe Auburn CC and the Western Region Academy of Sport all won gold medals.

The weekend of track racing continues tomorrow with the Clarence St Cyclery Cup and NJTS Sydney events.

Words and photos by Ryan Miu


For full results, visit:

Elite Men Team Pursuit

1. St George CC               caught

2. Bankstown Sports CC

Elite Women Team Pursuit

1. SHOOTLES (Hannah Calderwood, Kirsty Lower, Isabelle Burns, Claudia Marcks)                5:35.76

MMAS 150+ Team Pursuit

1. Randwick Botany CC 150+      caught                 

2. Bankstown Sports CC 150+                                   

WMAS 140+ Team Pursuit

1. Team Talk 140+                       2:55.476                            

2. BKiss 140+                     +2.77    

MMAS Team Pursuit

1. St George Masters Open          3:36.729                            

2. Bankstown Sports CC                +4.06    

JM17 Team Pursuit

1. WRAS JM17   3:49.068             

JW15 Team Pursuit Final

1. Awesome Foursome JW15                     3:07.448             

JM15 Team Pursuit Final

1. LACC Gold                      2:39.426                            

2. WRAS JM15                  +28.25