Warrumbungle Wheelers Inc originated from the Warrumbungle Wheelers BUG on 29 June 2010.  The change over was so riders could gain racing licences and so events could be sanctioned by Cycling NSW. At the moment we have 23 licenSed members, the majority of whom hold recreational licences, but there are four racing members.

During daylight saving time we hold an event each Wednesday evening at 6pm, a 14 km non competitive Time Trial one week, a training criterium the next Wednesday and on the final Wednesday of the month, another non-competitive event a hill climb up to the aerodrome which is very steep. Saturday mornings early, there are two training rides, one for what we call the hares, either up to the Sidng Spring Observatory and back or out to the other side of the Warrumbungle National Park and back.  This is usually used by those people training for longer events such as the Blayney to Bathurst or races.  The other party rides out along the Baradine road to Yearinan and back, which includes 2.5 kms of climbing on the way back and then they take part in the morning coffee ride.  Both groups gather at the Baronia Coffee shop afterwards for refreshment. This is the best coffee in town with friendly service.

We also have a recreational ride calender with a Sunday ride once or twice a month. These rides vary from around 70 or 90kms on tar out and back to neighbouring towns with significant hills on the return trip, to MTB rides in the Pilliga Forest.  Our major event is the Annual Tour de Warrumbungles weekend with a ride for everyone ranging from the Saturday social coffee ride, the 2pm Team Time Trial for licence holders (or you can purchase a day permit for $15-00 in order to take part) to one of the Sunday tour rides ranging from 105kms with big hills to a 14kms flat ride for beginners.  All money after costs goes to the local emergency services.  Details are available on our web site.


Visitors are always welcome and we are always trying to get more bottoms on seats.


Armidale CC



President Max Estens
Vice-President Phil Draper
Secretary Sam Clifton
Treasurer Max Estens