Women's #100 FAQs

Women's #100 FAQs

What is the #100 Challenge?

The #100 Challenge is a series of women’s only supported 100km rides. The ride will be a no drop bunch ride.


How do I register for #100 Challenge?

Register for each ride by following the link to the Entryboss portal and follow the prompts.

Who is running the #100 Challenge?

The Women’s #100 Challenge is an initiative of the Cycling NSW Women’s Commission whose aim is to increase the women in cycling.  The event is organised by Cycling NSW and its member clubs

Who is Cycling NSW and Cycling Australia?

Who are the Clubs participating in the #100 Challenge?

The Clubs are affiliated of Cycling NSW.  The Clubs hosting the #100 Challenge rides are:

Sydney Metro:

  1. Lidcombe Auburn Cycling Club (Confirmed)
  2. Northern Western Sydney Cycle Club (Confirmed)
  3. Manly Warringah Cycling Club (Confirmed)
  4. Harlequin/Parklife (Confirmed)
  5. Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club (TBC)

Western NSW:

  1. Wagga Wagga Cycling Club (TBC)

Southern NSW:

  1. Jindabyne Cycling Club (TBC)

North / North West NSW:

  1. Coffs Harbour Cycling Club (TBC)
  2. Tamworth Cycling Club (TBC)

For a full list of CNSW clubs click here

What is a bunch ride?

A bunch is group of riders and who ride 2 abreast (subject to road conditions)

How many bunches will there be on the ride?

The clubs hosting the rides will split the riders into bunches of similar ability.

What is a no drop ride?

The bunch (group) will ride together from start to finish, no one is dropped from the group and expected to ride alone.  If the bunch gets separated on hills, the bunch will regroup at the top of the hill.

How is the ride supported?

Each bunch on the ride will have a ride leader and a support rider.  The will also be a support vehicle along the route

Where are the rides?

The rides will be held in various locations around NSW. Click here to see the list of rides

Where will the event start and finish be?

The event will start and finish will depend on the ride locations. Please read the event information carefully so you can make plans.

What are the dates of the rides?

Rides will ride from October 2019. Click here to see the list of the 100km rides in the #FIVE100 Challenge.

Which rides can I join?

You can join any of the 100km rides in any area if there are places available. Please be mindful many of the rides are limited to only 20-30 riders so you need to get your entry in quickly.

Do I have to select all the rides when registering for the #100 Challenge?

No you can select anytime you wish, however you must register first and receive your Pin Code before selecting events you wish to ride individually. Please be mindful most rides have a maximum limit of 2-30 riders per ride. Entries will be accepted on first come basis.

Do I have to be a member of a club?

To register for the #100 Challenge you need to be a member of Cycling Australia (individuals are members of Cycling Australia and Clubs are members of Cycling NSW).

  1. Join a club the register for #100 Challenge – click here for Cycling Australia membership

Why do I need to be a member and what are the benefits of membership?

Membership provides third part (public liability) insurance and limited personal accident insurance for all members officials and volunteers at any time when participating in cycling activities conducted under the auspices of Cycling Australia.

Additional Benefits Include:

24/7 Public Liability Insurance worldwide

  • Third party property damage
  • Third party bodily injury

24/7 Personal Accident Insurance including:

  • Non-medicare expenses like dental, ambulance and physio
  • Income Protection
  • Access to Bike Insurance
  • Advocacy to safer cycling
  • Access to community involvement with a club
  • Access to International Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance for coaches and officials
  • Stay connected with online news and updates
  • Exclusive Member prices and discounts
  • Discounts available for current MTBA/BMXA/TA members

Which Membership do I need to join the event?

You will need at least a RIDE (recreational) membership to register for #100 Challenge.

What fitness level do I need?

#100 Challenge is a 100km single day ride with climbing. Women who take on the challenge need to be in very good physical condition and be able to ride at a minimum average speed of 21km/h throughout the day in order to complete the ride.

With the right preparation and training, anyone can take on the challenge and succeed.  See ‘How do I train for the Event’ FAQ for more information

How do I train for the event?

Two Sydney cycling clubs host regular women’s only training rides:

  • Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club (DHBC)
  • Lidcombe Auburn Cycling Club (LACC)

All clubs hosting the 100km challenge rides also conduct regular mixed training rides.  Details of these can be found on their websites or by contacting the club

You can also download a training plan here

How much is the #100 Challenge?

For members of Cycling Australia (Cycling NSW) its $10 per ride

Is there any specific equipment that I need?

Essential equipment you will need:

  • Road bike
  • Helmet
  • White front bike light (fully charged)
  • Red rear bike light (fully charged)
  • 2 x water bottles
  • 2 spare tubes and tyre levers
  • pump
  • Rain/wind jacket
  • Appropriate cycling clothing to suit weather conditions
  • Cycling Australia membership ID
  • Money for coffee, transport to/from start/finish location etc

Some other items you may find useful on the ride are:

  • Spare batteries for your bike lights
  • Arm warmers
  • Leg warmers
  • Gloves
  • Shoes covers
  • Base layer of clothing
  • Mobile phone
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • CO2 cylinders
  • Small tool kit

What happens in the event of extreme weather?

Cycling NSW, the clubs and ride leaders work closely and in the event of extreme weather conditions and reserves the right to change or cancel the event in such circumstances. 

Riders must be prepared for all weather conditions and ride accordingly.

Encase of wet weather or unforeseen circumstances please refer to the Women's Cycling Facebook Page (must be logged into Facebook to view page) and/or the Host Club Facebook Page before attending the start of the ride.

Is there a Cyclist briefing?

Yes, there will be a briefing for all cyclists 10 mins prior to the start of the ride.  All cyclists must attend this briefing.