Why become a Cycling NT member?
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Why become a Cycling NT member?

Cycling Australia member, Lisa, was kind enough to share with us her experience on why she values her Cycling Australia membership after a recent mishap on the bike.

While I truly hope no one would ever experience what I went through this year, my answer to this question is simple… Income Protection.

At the start of this year, I felt I finally had all my ducks in a line and facing the right way;

     Health insurance Check mark symbol 
     Income protection insurance Check mark symbol 
     Bike insurance  Check mark symbol 

... And on top of that, about 18 months ago I accepted an awesome opportunity with a new employer.

I was spending a lot of time riding my bike as I LOVE being out and about on my bike whether it be coffee rides, leading rides for St Kilda or training rides to get fitter, stronger and faster.

Everything was coming together perfectly until an early morning ride in July didn’t quite go to plan. I won’t bore you with the details, but I ended up in hospital for over two weeks and off work for three months.

I’m really stoked to be back at work but still very much part time; while it will take months, I will eventually get back to full time from the 15 hours a week I’m currently working.

As a result of this, what unfortunately became a harsh reality for me was the effect of a couple of things:

  • As I’d only relatively recently starting working at Australia Post, I very quickly chewed through the sick leave I’d accrued.  
  • On top of that, the 90 day waiting period, the standard on many income protection policies, is a long time.  There are many bills and many mortgage payments that still need to be paid while you’re not able to work.

I then wondered, what exactly does my Cycling Australia membership cover?

It covers quite a lot, but for me the main thing was the waiting period for the income protection cover is only 21 days which meant I was able to submit a claim (which was very quickly processed!) and I received some badly needed funds before my income protection insurance kicked in at 90 days. I was reminded exactly what a big time difference there is between 21 and 90 days. 

While the income protection cover is capped at $500 a week, the payments were substantially more than the $0 I was receiving.

That in itself is what makes the Cycling Australia membership a must.  

I am on a Masters Race Membership, but the income protection coverage is the same for RIDE+ membership holders.

So, for now I am enjoying being able to rejoin the workforce (I never thought I would look forward so much to Monday mornings) and working very hard with the Epworth Hospital physiotherapist at regaining enough balance so I can get back on a bike. I am also very much looking forward to investing the money I received from my bike insurance (my bike was written off) and go bike shopping sometime in the New Year.

I implore you to seriously consider renewing your Cycling Australia membership when your renewal notice arrives via email; I am seriously grateful that I did!


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