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Cycling Development & Skills Programs - Insurance

This is a temporary membership arrangement available to non-members of Cycling Australia (CA) who participate in introductory cycling programs that are organised under the control of CA and its affiliate associations or approved CA promoters.

These programs are to be run in areas free from traffic or other dangerous elements.

There is NO fee for any development or skills sessions run under Cycling Development & Skills Programs Insurance.

Click Here Cycling Development & Skills Programs Insurance Application Form

Click here Cycling Development & Skills Programs Participant Registration Form

Cycling Development & Skills Programs Insurance Application Process;

  1. Club or event promoter/organiser completes the Cycling Development & Skills Programs Insurance Application Form * and forwards the application form to their relevant State Cycling Association 14 days prior to the program being held.
  2. The State Cycling Association reviews the Cycling Development & Skills Programs Insurance Application Form, checking that all the required information has been provided and endorses the application.
  3. The State Cycling Association forwards the paperwork to Cycling Australia 7 days prior to the program being held.
  4. Cycling Australia reviews the Cycling Development & Skills Programs Insurance Application Form and endorses the application.
  5. Cycling Australia scans and returns the endorsed form to the State Cycling Association and the club or promoter/organiser.
  6. The Club or promoter/organiser holds the Program and completes the Cycling Development & Skills Program Participant Registration Form ** with all non-member participants’ relevant details. This completed form needs to be sent to the Cycling Australia within 7 days of the Program being held and must be sent electronically (via email with all details typed).

Club Resources;

The following resources have been developed to assist Cycling Queensland affiliated clubs to effectively manage important areas associated with running a club.

Traffic Marshall Scheme - Click Here

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is committed to supporting local community and sporting groups by making it easier for them to hold events.

Sports Community Club Information – Click Here

Access to premium webpages to provide you and your club with information to help effectively run your club, save you time and support your club to raise funds. Access to checklists, worksheets and templates are downloadable and allows you to take action straight away. Access to over 23 training videos (over 20 hours of training) available to view. The videos provided step by step training on the most effective way to run your club.

Play by the Rules Club Toolkit – Click Here

Information on making sport inclusive, safe and fair.

Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing Education and Training Opportunities – Click Here

Free three-hour workshops on Club Development around QLD.

Sports Australia Health Check – Click Here

The Club Health Check is an online self-assessment tool aimed at helping clubs examine how they are operating. The checklist looks at a number of different factors that are crucial to success at club level and together these factors are used to build an overall picture of the way your club carries out its operations.

Sport Australia Good Governance Principles – Click Here

The Sports Governance Principles of Best Practice advocate strengthening structures that support good leadership and decision making, and ensure sound and effective governance.

The resource takes the form of six major principles:

  • Principle 1: Board composition, roles and powers
  • Principle 2: Board processes
  • Principle 3: Governance systems
  • Principle 4: Board reporting and performance
  • Principle 5: Stakeholder relationship and reporting
  • Principle 6: Ethical and responsible decision making

Sport Australia Commission Club Management – Click Here

Club development, sustainability, governance, culture and leadership and decision-making information to support sport and recreation clubs.

Grant/Funding/Scholarship Opportunities;

  • Contact your Local Council to enquire about funding your Local Government Area.

  • Government Grant Finder - Click Here

  • Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing Grants – Click Here
  • Australian Sports Commission Grants and Funding – Click Here
  • Youth Engagement Grants – Click Here
  • Australian Athletes with a Disability – Click Here
  • The Myer Foundation – Click Here

For further information, please contact Cycling Queensland directly via: or by contacting: (07) 3390 1477.