COVID-19: Cycling Queensland CEO Stage 2 Update

COVID-19: Cycling Queensland CEO Stage 2 Update


Organised sport, club, coaching organised activities will recommence for groups of up to 20 people from midday today for bicycle riders in Queensland as the state Government accelerates the easing of tough coronavirus restrictions.

Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk announced yesterday further easing of some COVID-19 restrictions, with Stage 2 now scheduled to begin from midday today.

Organised sport, club and coaching activities are permitted and will also be allowed to have up to 20 people from midday today.

Summary: Stage 2 Easing of restrictions – what this means for cycling:

  • ·         Organised sport, club, coaching organised activities are permitted
  • ·         Ride in a group of up to 20 people
  • ·         Social distancing of 1.5mts at all times
  • ·         Stay home if you are sick
  • ·         Download the COVIDsafe App
  • ·         Remember, what you do on the roads will reflect on the cycling community
  • ·         Get out and ride your bike!

For your information a copy of the updated Roadmap to easing restrictions can be found here.

It indicates that gatherings of up to 20 people in non-contact indoor and outdoor community sport activity and in pools (indoor and outdoor) and community sports clubs will be permitted.

Cycling Queensland have joined with other sports to apply for an exemption to have more than 20 people involved in organised Club activities where safe to do so. This COVID SAFE Sporting Industry Plan was submitted for the four sport sub-sectors (Aquatic, Field Team, Indoor and Outdoor) last Friday for approval by the Chief Health Officer, and an answer is anticipated in the next few days.

In the meantime, Clubs are able to organise the following with up to 20 people (which includes coaches, riders, parents, and other supporters) from 12noon today;

·         Club or training rides, on the open road.

·         Coached or training sessions at off road facilities (velodrome, or criterium circuits)

Please note that public health rules still apply:

·         Physical distancing of 1.5m

·         4 square metres per person when indoors

·         Hand hygiene

·         Respiratory hygiene

·         Frequent environmental cleaning and disinfecting

Clubs that utilise council owned facilities may be required to submit their own COVID Safe Plan around how they will implement their activities in a safe manner. To support Clubs and to ensure a consistent plan across the State, Cycling Queensland is drafting a plan for use by Clubs. This will be released once approved by the Back to Racing Club Working Group.

We encourage all Cycling Clubs, riding groups, coaches and members to be aware of any and all information available for safe cycling, such as the guidelines set out by the Australia Institute of Sport in their Framework for Rebooting Sport. This information can be found via the Cycling Australia website.