Cycling Queensland Grading Policy 2020

Cycling Queensland Grading Policy 2020

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Cycling Queensland has continued to invest time and effort in developing a Grading System to allow for safer, and fairer events at all levels of racing. Throughout this process we have received feedback from Club and members which has allowed us to improve the outcome.  

The Sports Commission and Cycling Queensland Board have been in consultation, reviewing and making amendments for the new Grading System which is affective immediately.

Alongside the new Grading System release is a State Grading Committee, comprised of members representing racing throughout Queensland. Cycling Queensland would like to welcome the new commission.

Grading Committee Members:

  • Damien Ingram (North Queensland)
  • Rod Caldwell (Metropolitan)
  • Dominique Verstreken (South Coast)
  • Gina Cornacchia (Metropolitan)

There were two main issues in grading that the State Grading Committee are attempting to combat. That riders racing with State/Open Gradings were either too high or low, and that riders racing in Club and Interclub races in a different grade than they do in Open events.

What is grading?

Grading is a system that is in place to allow competitive and fair races to occur in Road events throughout Queensland including Criteriums, Road Races, and Time Trials.

There are four different grades in Women's fields including A Grade, B Grade, C Grade, D Grade and seven different gradings in Men's fields including A Grade. B Grade, C Grade, Masters A Grade, Masters B Grade, Masters C Grade and Masters D Grade. 

How do I accumulate points in the new Grading System?

The new grading system works on an accumulation of points to allow transition into different grades. Points can be gained in UCI events as well as Category 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 events.

In Road Cycling Events, points accumulated in Criteriums, Road Races and Individual Time Trials are equal across all disciplines.

How do I move grades?

To move into a new grade, a rider must accumulate 40 points in their starting grade. If a rider begins in D Grade, they must accumulate 40 points before proceeding to C Grade. When the rider enters C Grade they start off with 0 points, when the rider has then accumulated 40 points in C Grade races, the rider is upgraded to race in B Grade.

Are there age considerations in the new Grading System?

Yes. The new Grading System aims to improve all members quality of racing, raising the long-term standard of racing in Queensland, as well as ensuring a fairer system.

  • Under 17 riders moving into Under 19 will be graded on their abilities, and not go straight into A Grade.
  • Masters under 45 years old are not eligible for Masters D Grade.
  • Masters Under 40 are not eligible for Masters C
  • Masters 30 – 34 (Masters 1) will ride Elite categories only (according to Cycling Queensland Bylaws, Masters 1 is only for Masters Games or Championships
  • Masters 1 will be Elite Gradings).

When will the points start accumulating from ?

The points will start accumulating on 1st March and run for 12 months. They will then revert to Zero.

Are there changes to Grading Applications?

Riders will be able to apply directly to the State Grading Committee at using a Grading Application Form if they believe they have a strong case for being placed in a particular grade.  

Upon receipt of the form the Grading Committee will review the riders request. 

 The aim over the past 18 months has been to find a grading system that is fairer, that creates more competition and that reduces barriers to more people racing more often. We appreciate the general memberships willingness to accept these developments, and welcome any feedback on the changes. 

Cycling Queensland Grading Policy 2020

Grading Application Form