What is a cycling membership/licence and why do I need one?

Whether you are interested in competing in competitive cycling on the road or track, or you are simply looking for a recreational licence which gives you great insurance coverage, we have a licence that will suit EVERY type of cyclist.

How do I enter a race?

Entering a race can be done by using one of the following methods:

  2. Post an entry form through the mail with payment details.
  3. Fax an entry form to (07) 3390 2852.3) Come into our office. Please have correct change if paying in cash in person

What form of payment will you accept?

We accept Bankcard, Mastercard, Cheque, Money Order, Cash or Existing CQ Credit.

How can I check if my entry has been received?

You can check our current entry lists located on the Calendar. This will be updated in the week prior to the event. Alternatively you cancall the office on (07) 3390 1477.

Will my entry be accepted after the closing date?

Late entries are accepted for 48 hours after the closing date.

What if I am not happy with my handicap/grade?

If you are not happy with your grade or handicap, please complete a Grade Application Form. It should be received by the CQ office NO LATER THAN 5pm seven (7) days prior to the closing date of an event.

CQ will then contact the handicapper regarding your query and we will then advise you before the event as to the decision made.

What if I can't compete in a race that I already entered? Will I get my money back?

Riders who scratch from an event and notify Cycling Queensland in writing;

  1. within 7 days prior to an event in which they entered (for CQ promoted events only e.g Championships), and who produce a valid medical certificate to the CQ office WITHIN 7 DAYS AFTER their scratching Or
  2. more than 1 week prior to the event in which they entered, ie. prior to the entries being forwarded to the Event Promoter, (this does not require a medical certificate)

will receive a refund less a 10% or $5 administrative fee of total paid (including any late fee) whichever is greater.

eg. Entry Fee of $40; Refund Received = $35, Entry Fee of $60; Refund Received = $54

All riders who scratch within seven (7) days of an Open event conduucted by a club or external promoter must contact the organiser to apply for a refund. All applications for refund may be subject to the events own refund policy. The club may withhold a portion of the entry fee for their own administrative purposes. Their decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Do I have to complete the "Past Performances" part on my race entry form?

Yes. This helps the handicapper gauge your ability and handicap you accordingly. If you do not complete this part, you leave yourself open to be marked at the handicapper's discretion.

What licence do I need to enter Opens?

To ride Open, State or National Championship events, you will require a GOLD CA racing licence. Please note that 3 Ride Permits, Day Permits, KIDZ, Silveror 'Club Only' licences are not valid for Open, State or National Championship events (except QLD Cyclo-cross Championships).

What do I wear when I am racing?

A Queensland member, whilst competing in a Queensland open event, has 3 options from which to choose regarding the apparel worn during events. They may wear their approved club kit, plain clothing as per the CQ Technical regulations or an approved Sponsor's kit. Please go here to read more on Registeringapparel.

I was involved in a riding accident. How do I claim for medical expenses and/or loss of income?

To claim expenses following a riding accident, you will need to complete an insurance claim form.

What is the Chandler Velodrome

The Chandler Velodrome is the home of Queensland cycling. Chandler is a 333m outdoor Velodrome, and played host to the 1982 Commonwealth Games and the 2001 Goodwill Games. The grandstand also houses the CQ office.

Cnr Old Cleveland & Tilley Rds

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 5.00am - 8.00pm
Saturday 6.00am - 6.00pm
Sunday & Public Holidays 8.00am - 6.00pm
Anzac Day 1.30pm - 6.00pm
Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day


Veolia Bus Lines services the Sleeman Sports Complex on a daily basis. For further information please visit TransLink or call 13 12 30.


The Complex provides 2000 available car park spaces, with a further 20 disabled car parking spaces. The Velodrome is in easy walking distance from all car parks. The centre’s car parks are fully lit for night time access.

Can I ride at Chandler?

Yes, but you must have a current UCI or CA licence in order to train or race on the Chandler Velodrome. Note: Unlicenced riders who would like to have a go at track cycling, there will be specific sessions and days scheduled for 'Come 'n' Try' days.

Please note: Track bikes only. Track bikes available for hire from CQ @ $10 per hour - booking required.

Training costs $35 per hour (without lights). Minimum Track Hire is 2 hours.