Officiating in Queensland

Officiating in Queensland

The sport of cycling is heavily reliant on the countless hours donated by the wonderful volunteers, who help administer races and provide safe and secure environments for current and future champions to test their two wheeled skills.

Whether you are racing on the track, the road or the dirt, you can rest assured that numerous officials will be working hard behind the scenes to help make it all happen.

Cycling Australia is always on the lookout for new officials, so please contact us if you are interested in joining the team and helping to shape the future of the sport in Australia.  

Commissaires Pathway



Are you interested in becoming a cycling Official/ Commissaire? Cycling Australia has a committment to support and encourage you in developing and contributing to our sport whether it be at a Club, State, National or International level.

To become an accredited Official/ Commissaire you will need to complete an education and training program to provide you the skills and knowledge to enable you to officiate as a cycling Commissaire.  Below is a brief outline of how you become a Commissaire.

There are three levels of officiating accreditation:

Officiating courses are delivered under the courses developed by Cycling Australia.

There are two components to the officiating programs:

  1. A rules and knowledge test. Candidates are supplied a manual and a workbook to complete and return.

  2. Practical assessment.  Once a candidate has passed the rules test, a qualified assessor must assess them as they officiate at an event to ensure they know the rules and can apply them appropriately in competition.

All accredited cycling officials are recognised as having met the standards set by Cycling Australia.

For further information on getting started as a Commissaire, contact your State Association or Cycling Australia

  • Level 1 - a course specifically targeted at the official who desires to assist in the conduct of club racing. The course requires candidates to complete and submit a workbook and then be assessed on the practical aspects of the course by an accredited assessor.  For information on Level 1 courses contact your Member State 
  • Level 2 - a course for the official who assists club and state level calendar events. This course deals more with the technical aspects of each discipline. After completing this level you will be qualified to officiate at State events. The course is conducted by State Associations.
  • Level 3 - an advanced course for officials who want to officiate at National events and championships. The course is conducted in conjunction with National Championships and  provides training and information on the finer points of officiating at the elite level.  To sit the course you must have had at least two years experience as an active Level 2 commissaire and be nominated by your State Association. 



National Level 1 Commissaire

Each National Level 1 Commissaire must work at a minimum of two events per year to maintain their accreditation level. The definition of an event is viewed as any event that does not appear on the state or national calendar of events. 

National Level 2 Commissaire 

Each National Level 2 Commissaire must officiate at a minimum of two events per year on the State calendar to maintain their accreditation level.   

National Level 3 Commissaire

Each National Level 3 Commissaire must officiate at a minimum of two events per year to maintain their accreditation level on the State or National Calendar.  

Commissaires who have let their accreditation lapse will be required to be reassessed to renew their accreditation level.

A Certificate of Accreditation will be issued equivalent to the level obtained.


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