Women's Cycling - QLD

Women's Cycling - QLD


Whether you are riding to improve your fitness and health, to spend time with friends and family, to get from point A to B, or for the thrill of mass participation rides or racing - riding can help you set you free.

Bike riding is an excellent way to get fit or get moving because it is a low impact activity, making it perfect if you have low fitness levels or any physical limitations that prohibit you from taking part in other activities. It is also a great way to be social.

Women of any age and stage in their life can enjoy riding, as long as you have a roadworthy bike, an Australian Standard helmet, comfortable clothes to ride in and a safe place to ride.


She Rides is a nationally coordinated women’s riding program. The program targets women who want to ride for health, transport, fitness and fun but lack the access, skills, confidence or support to make a change.

The aim of the program is to improve women’s skills, confidence, fitness and knowledge to enable them to ride socially, commute to work, and ride regularly. The idea is to help women to be fit and healthy, to ride their children to school or to participate in community rides/events.

Programs will have a strong focus on riding skills, developing confidence, having fun and creating a social connection with other women. There are two types of programs available. One with a road/traffic focus and another with an off-road/mountain bike focus. Both programs are aimed at beginner women who want to improve their skills and confidence and ride regularly.

In short, She Rides wants to support more women to ride bikes in the community. So if you would like to make bike riding a part of your daily life, sign up for a She Rides program!

For all She Rides information, including program location, visit their website at www.sherides.com.au.

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