Queensland Elite & U19 Track Nationals Team Announced

Queensland Elite & U19 Track Nationals Team Announced


Cycling Queensland is pleased to announce the Queensland Elite & U19 Track Team to compete at the 2020 Track National Championships at the Anna Meares Velodrome on 16 – 20 December 2020. The Track National Championships event held in December is an event that has been rescheduled from March 2020 due to COVID-19.


The following selections are based on rider performances at the Virtual Track National Challenge, Track Camps, and Training feedback throughout the year. Cycling Queensland would like to acknowledge the appointment of Julian Elliott as the State Team Head Coach, with the support of Nick Formosa and thank them both for their work and dedication thus far.


U19 Men

Duncan Allen - Sprint

Ryan Elliott - Sprint

Ethan Harris - Sprint

Alastair Mackellar - Endurance

Ephraim Martenson - Endurance

James Panizza - Endurance

Declan Trezise - Endurance

Finn Walsh - Endurance

Conor Watson - Endurance

Mitchell Yarde - Endurance


U19 Women

Des’ree Barnes - Sprint

Deneaka Blinco - Sprint

Brooke Carnes - Endurance

Stephanie Corset - Endurance

Briana McDonald - Endurance

Liliana McLennan - Endurance

Francesca Sewell - Endurance


Elite Men

Byron Davies - Sprint

Haddon Kilmartin - Endurance

James Moriarty - Endurance

Blake Quick - Endurance

Liam Walsh - Endurance


Elite Women

Kristina Clonan - Sprint

Jacqui Mengler-Mohr - Sprint

Alex Martin Wallace - Endurance