Queensland Shines at Inaugural Virtual Track National Challenge

Queensland Shines at Inaugural Virtual Track National Challenge


The long weekend saw our Queensland track cyclists participate in Cycling Australia’s Virtual Track National Challenge. This initiative brought together the country’s track cyclists in a series of challenges held on their home state velodromes. 

The Challenges were open to Para, J15, J17, J19 and Elite categories. The races contested included the Flying 200M, Individual Pursuit, Time Trial, Team Sprint and Team Pursuit, with times recorded at each velodrome across Australia being standardised using an approach developed by the Australian Cycling Team. These adjusted times take into account the evaluation of each of the velodromes based on past performances and the barometric pressure and temperatures in each velodrome on the day of timing. 

All states and territories participated between October 2-4 except Victoria and Tasmania, who will be conducting their event this coming weekend. Despite this, Queensland has 30 riders currently sitting in podium places across the individual and team events. 

Kyle Willis (Moreton Bay Cycling Club), Nathan Glarvey (Balmoral Cycling Club) and Michael Shippley flew the Queensland colours in the para-cyclist category, with Kyle Willis posting the fastest times in the Individual Pursuit and Flying 200m, and Nathan Glarvey joining him on the podium in third and second in those respective events. Michael Shippley rocketed his way onto the top step of the podium in the 1000m TT, posting a time of 1min 6.263 seconds (1min 6.119 seconds, adjusted). Willis and Glarvey finished 4th and 6th respectively. 

Georgia Wilson (Balmoral Cycling Club) recorded the second fastest 2km Individual Pursuit time in the hotly contested u15 Women category, covering the distance in a time of 2min 48.265 seconds (2min 48.203 seconds, adjusted). The Gold Coast Cycling Club pair of Amelie Sanders and Eden Sealey-Cunnington were Queensland’s next best placed riders, finishing 5th and 12th respectively. 

The Time Trial proved a challenging contest for the girls, with Queensland’s best three riders finishing within 1 second of each other. Amelie Sanders (Gold Coast Cycling Club), Grace Watson (Balmoral Cycling Club) and Georgia Wilson (Balmoral Cycling Club) finished 7th, 9th, and 10th in the country. 

Rounding out the u15 Women’s racing was the Flying 200m, Amelie Sanders proving her versatility, establishing Queensland’s fastest time at 13.769 seconds (13.739 seconds, adjusted), placing her 6th nationally. Hot on her wheels however was Georgia Wilson, only 0.109 seconds (adjusted) behind in 7th place. Grace Watson rounded out Queensland’s top 3 finishers, currently in 12th place. 

Luke Richert (Gold Coast Cycling Club) proved himself as one of Australia’s leading riders in the u15 Men’s category, taking to the podium in each of his events. Richert is in position to claim silver in the individual pursuit, bronze in the time trial, and gold in the flying 200m. 

Thomas Loadsman (Balmoral Cycling Club) and Luke Wadsworth (Balmoral Cycling Club) were Queensland’s next best placed riders in the Individual Pursuit, sitting 9th and 14th respectively. Loadsman was only 0.022 seconds (adjusted) from a bronze medal in the time trial, as Wadsworth placed 19th. Loadsman also recorded the fourth fastest Flying 200m for the challenge, however placed him with the third fastest after adjustment. Wadsworth came in at a respectable 16th. 

Keeley Henderson (Balmoral Cycling Club), Villo Halasz (Balmoral Cycling Club) and Akala Keeble (Gold Coast Cycling Club) represented Queensland in the individual events for the u17 Women. 

Henderson placed herself to claim the third fastest time nationally in the flying 200m in a time of 12.828 seconds (12.8 seconds, adjusted). 

Henderson was unlucky to miss out on bronze in the individual pursuit, after posting the third fastest actual time, the adjustment nudged her to fourth by only 0.351 seconds. The trio were inseparable for the event, as Halasz and Keeble recorded the 5th and 6th fastest times for the weekend after adjustment. In the time trial, Henderson, Halasz and Keeble currently sit 5th, 7th and 10th respectively. 

Fielding three Team Pursuit teams, Georgia Wilson, Villo Halasz, Keeley Henderson and Stephanie Leech got the better of Riley Alexandra, Caitlin Corset, Grace Watson and Charli Holmes by 4.82 seconds (4.803 seconds, adjusted). Amelie Sanders, Eden Sealey-Cunnington, Akala Keeble and Madison Smith were third fastest of the three. 

The two team sprint teams of Georgia Wilson, Villo Halasz and Keeley Henderson, and Amelie Sanders, Eden Sealey-Cunnington, and Akala Keeble finished fourth and fifth nationally. 

The ever competitive u17 Men’s category saw Queensland riders put their best foot forward in all events. Jarlath Whittaker (Balmoral Cycling Club) rode his way to the second fastest time in the Individual Pursuit, as Sebastian Collins (Balmoral Cycling Club) and Riley Alexanda (Balmoral Cycling Club) were the next best placed riders in 4th and 9th respectively. 

The trio went on to post the 4th, 6th, and 8th fastest time trial times respectively, (after adjustment) with Whittaker within 0.603 seconds of another podium. Alexanda and Zachary Clark (Balmoral Cycling Club) were able to place themselves 5th and 7th in the Flying 200m.

Thomas Loadsman, Luke Richert, Sebastian Collins and Jarlath Whittaker combined for the team pursuit, putting in a fantastic team effort to reach the second fastest time for the event (after adjustment). The quartet were able to cover the 3km in a time of 3min 38.436 seconds (3min 37.936 seconds, adjusted). 

Loadsman joined Collins and Whittaker for the team sprint, finishing second fastest, the trio finished the three laps in 53.239 seconds (53.127 seconds, adjusted). 

The u19 women proved as some of the strongest women for their category, with six different riders in podium positions. Francesca Sewell (Gold Coast Cycling Club) and Liliana McLennan (Balmoral Cycling Club) finished first and second in the individual pursuit, with Brooke Carnes not far behind in 5th.

The time trial was hotly contested, with the three best Queensland riders finishing within 0.27 seconds of each other. Desree Barnes (Brisbane Cycling Club) rode herself onto the podium with a time of 36.495 seconds (36.416 seconds, adjusted). McLennan finished 4th only 0.06 seconds ahead of 5th placed Deneaka Blinco (Rockhampton Cycling Club). 

Blinco made her way to third in the Flying 200m, with Caitlin Corset (Townsville Cycling Club) and Charli Holmes (Balmoral Cycling Club) the next best placed Queenslanders in 7th and 8th. 

Briana McDonald (Townsville Cycling Club), Brooke Carnes (Balmoral Cycling Club), Francesca Sewell and Liliana McLennan combined for the team pursuit, setting the fastest time for the weekend in blistering time of 4min 41.049 seconds (4min 40.406 seconds, adjusted). 

Lillian Dowdle (Rockhampton Cycling Club) joined Caitlin Corset and Charli Holmes for the team sprint, finishing the race in 55.453 seconds (55.326 seconds, adjusted) for the second fastest time of the weekend. 

The u19 Men continued the action packed weekend of racing as Mitchell Yarde (Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club) sits in the bronze position for the Individual Pursuit, covering the 3km event in 3min 20.945 seconds (3min 20.886 seconds, adjusted). Balmoral Cycling Club duo Conor Watson and Finn Walsh were the next best placed Queenslanders finishing 6th and 9th respectively. 

Yarde once again flew the flag as best finishing Queenslander for the time trial finishing 6th. Xander Griffiths (Balmoral Cycling Club) and Duncan Allen (Bundaberg Cycling Club) rounded out the best three Queensland riders in 10th and 11th only 0.116 seconds apart. 

Ryan Elliott (Balmoral Cycling Club) willed his way into the bronze medal position for the Flying 200m, breaking the 11 second barrier in an eye-watering time of 10.721 seconds (10.698 seconds, adjusted). Duncan Allen also broke the 11 second mark to finish 5th in a time of 10.794 seconds (10.771 seconds, adjusted). Lachlan Hallmark (Rockhampton Cycling Club) was next best placed in 10th. 

Finn Walsh, James Panizza (Balmoral Cycling Club), Conor Watson, and Mitchell Yarde combined to compete in the team pursuit. They recorded the second fastest time for the weekend of 4min 18.823 seconds but were third fastest after time adjustments (4 min 18.23 seconds). 

The two Queensland teams contesting the team sprint was a tight contest finishing 0.053 seconds apart. The team of Scott Lynch, Duncan Allen and Conor Watson got the better of Ephraim Martenson, Xander Griffiths and Lachlan Hallmark, posting times of 50.173 seconds and 50.226 seconds respectively. 

Mackenzie Voss (Sunshine Coast Cycling Club) was the only Elite Woman to fly the flag for Queensland in the Individual Pursuit, covering the 3km in 4min 16.064 seconds (4min 15.957 seconds, adjusted). 

Kristina Clonan set the fastest times for the time trial and flying 200m, with Jacqui Mengler-Mohr (Balmoral Cycling Club) finishing the second fastest Queenslander for both events finishing 4th in each. Jacqui Klowss (Hamilton Wheelers Cycling Club) rounded out the top 3 Queenslanders, finishing 10th in both events as well. 

Jacqui Mengler-Mohr, Desree Barnes and Deneaka Blinco came together for the team sprint event, setting the second fastest time in a blistering time of 50.861 seconds (50.745 seconds, adjusted). 

Queensland was well represented in the Elite Men category, performing well across all events. The Balmoral Cycling Club trio of Liam Walsh, Blake Quick and James Moriarty finished second, third and fourth respectively in the individual pursuit, all riding very strongly. Quick and Moriarty followed up nicely with second and third in the time trial, as Liam Walsh placed 6th as Queensland’s next best finisher. 

Brycen Fletcher (University of Queensland Cycling Club) was Queensland’s fastest Elite Man across the Flying 200m setting a time of 10.924 seconds (10.9 seconds, adjusted) to finish 11th overall. Joshua Gluhak (University of Queensland Cycling Club) and Peter Makras (Brisbane Cycling Club) set the 14th and 15th fastest times for the weekend. 

The team pursuit squad consisting of Blake Quick, James Moriarty, Liam Walsh and Haddon Kilmartin (Ipswich Cycling Club) rolled across the line in a blitzing time of 4min 4.446 seconds (4min 3.886 seconds, adjusted). The adjusted time has them poised to claim the bronze medal. 

A second team consisting of Scott Lynch (Townsville Cycling Club), Joshua Heather (Sunshine Coast Cycling Club), Ephraim Martenson (Balmoral Cycling Club) and Xander Griffiths covered the 4km event in 4min and 36.549 seconds. 

A team sprint team with the combination of youth and experience proved to be a successful combination as Ryan Elliot joined Byron Davies (Ipswich Cycling Club) and Nathan Graves (University of Queensland Cycling Club) setting the second fastest time of 46.282 seconds (46.176 seconds, adjusted). The University of Queensland Cycling Club trio of Douglas Higginson, Joshua Gluhak and Brycen Fletcher were 4th fastest, with the third final team representing the state, Balmoral Cycling Club duo of Nicholas Banks-Watson and Steven Brown coming in 5th. 

While Tasmania and Victoria are yet to host their Virtual Track National Championships, National Results are yet available though will be in the coming weeks. 

Event Images Available Here!