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Queenslanders Dominate At Grafton To Inverell


64 Queensland riders made the journey across the border into New South Wales over the weekend for the Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic. In its 59th year, the Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic has been affectionately titled Australia’s toughest one-day classic, with 3382 meters of climbing over the 228 km race.

Race Highlights in a Snapshot: 

  • Ryan Cavanagh won the KOM Jersey
  • Matthew Sunde placed second in the Division 2 Category, and won the Division 2B Category
  • Peter Oxlee placed 4th in Division 3 Category
  • Cameron Wickbold placed 2nd in the Division 3 KOM
  • David Chick placed 2nd in Division 3B
  • BNE CC Race Team placed 3rd in Division 3 Team Classification
  • Madeleine Lambooy placed 4th in Des Femme Category
  • Two Queensland Teams placed 1st and 2nd in Des Femme Teams Category

In the Men’s NRS race, Sunshine Coast Cycling Clubs Ryan Cavanagh was a standout. Cavanagh placed first in the King of the Mountain division, earning himself a spotty jersey for his St George Continental Cycling Team.

Murwillumbah Cycling Club’Matthew Sunde came across the finish line 3:23 minutes behind Division 2 winner Andrew Finlayson (North Western Sydney CC), placing him second in the Division 2 category, and 1st in the Division 2B category.

It was a close finish for the top 10 spots in the Division 2B category, with Sunde finishing 37 seconds ahead of silver. The following chase group comprised of nine riders, who all crossed the line within 10 seconds of eachother. Kangaroo Point Cycling Club’s Jonathan Hobsonwas amongst those nine riders, crossing the line 45 seconds behind Sunde, and only one second separating himself and 4th – 7th place!

Division 3 saw a bunch sprint with 10 riders sticking together for the 228 km journey to Inverell. Queensland University of Techonlogy Cycling Club’s Peter Oxlee crossed the line in a very close finish in 4th place, while John Gibbons (Hamilton Wheelers CC) crossed the line 0.01 seconds after in 9th place.

Queensland riders demonstrated their climbing abilities in the Division 3 King of the Mountain Classification, with three riders making it into the top 10. Cameron Wickbold from the University of Queensland CC took the second step on the podium in second place, whilst Sunshine Coast Cycling Club’s David Chick placed sixth, and Tim Mansfield from Wynnum Redlands Cycling Club placed 8th.

Chick (Sunshine Coast CC) went on to cross the finish line in a time of 8:07:16 hours, earning his spot on the second step of the podium winning silver in the Division 3B Category.

Brisbane Cycling Club’s BNE CC Race Team took the third step of the Division 3 Team Classification Podium, where David NeaglePaulCampbell and Giuseppe Ferretti De Luca won bronze in an impressive accumulated time of 24:44:23.

In the Des Femmes category, eight of the seventeen riders were Queenslanders!  Four of these eight Queenslanders finished in top 10 positions with Madeleine Lambooy (Team Regional Australia Bank 2) placing 4thElle Leah (Gold Coast CC) placing 5thPia Smith (Team Regional Australia Bank 2) placing 7th, and Sunshine Coast Cycling Club’s Deborah Latouf (Team Regional Australia Bank 1) placing 8th.

Gold Coast Cycling Club’s Pia Smith demonstrated her climbing strength placing 6th in the Queen of the Mountain Classification.

The two Queensland Des Femmes teams placed in the top 2 positions with Team Regional Australia Bank 2 (Madeleine LambooyPiaSmith, and Jena Slavin) taking gold and Team Regional Australia Bank 1 (Deborah LatoufCatherine Reardon, and Amanda Kyneur) taking silver.

Grafton to Inverell Results:

Division 3 King Of the Mountain

  • 2nd Cameron Wickbold University of Queensland CC
  • 6th David Chick Sunshine Coast CC
  • 8th Tim Mansfield Wynnum Redlands CC

Division 1 NRS Race Results

  • 24th Jonathon Noble Pro Racing Sunshine Coast
  • 27th Ryan Cavanagh St George Continental Cycling Team
  • 43rd Carter Bettles Futuro-Maxxis Pro Cycling
  • 44th Rhys Robotham Futuro-Maxxis Pro Cycling
  • 45th Ryan Thomas Drapac Cannondale Holistic Development Team
  • 55th Patrick Kennedy Sunshine Coast Cycling Club

Division 1 King of the Mountain

  • 1st Ryan Cavanagh St George Continental Cycling 7 points (KOM 1 – 3, KOM 2 – 4)

Division 2 Race Results

  • 2nd Matthew Sunde Murwillumbah Cycling Club 
  • 15th Graeme Rose Sunshine Coast CC
  • 18th Jonathan Hobson – Kangaroo Point CC
  • 19th Liam Bertuzzi Murwillumbah CC
  • 21st Damien Vesely – Brisbane Cycling Club
  • 23rd Adam Robinson Hamilton Wheelers CC
  • 25th Jason Churchward Hamilton Wheelers CC
  • 27th Timothy Nelson University of Queensland CC
  • 28th Riley Taylor Sunshine Coast CC
  • 29th Soul Love University of Queensland CC
  • 32nd James Nitis University of Queensland CC
  • 33rd Ian Johnston Hamilton Wheelers CC
  • 28th Clinton Hayward – Darling Downs CC
  • 45th Matthew Eaton Sunshine Coast CC
  • 48th Mark Laspina Gold Coast CC
  • 50th Nathan Fitzakerly Sunshine Coast CC
  • 52nd Roberty Gardner Bundaberg CC
  • 53rd Trent West Darling Downs CC
  • 55th Adrian Land Fraser Coast CC
  • 59th Morne Oberholzer Wynnum Redlands CC
  • 60th Graham Grant Brisbane CC
  • 62nd Jayden Burgess Brisbane CC
  • 65th Benjamin Pegard Altitude & Taylor Cycles Racing
  • 68th Paul Hackett Brisbane CC
  • 69th Francis Rigby Balmoral CC

 Division 2B Race Results

  • 1st Matthew Sunde Murwillumbah CC
  • 8th Jonathan Hobson Kangaroo Point CC
  • 12th Soul Love University of Queensland CC
  • 24th Nathan Fitzakerly Sunshine Coast CC
  • 26th Robert Gardner Bundaberg CC
  • 34th Paul Hackett Brisbane CC
  • 35th Francis Rigby Balmoral CC 

Division 3 Race Results

  • 4th Peter Oxlee QUT CC
  • 9th John Gibbons Hamilton Wheelers CC
  • 14th Cameron Wickbold University of Queensland CC
  • 20th Ramon Maurice Murwillumbah CC
  • 23rd Jeff Gollan Lifecycle CC
  • 24th David Chick Sunshine Coast CC
  • 25th Jason Sprang Darling Downs CC
  • 26th Toby Smithson Gold Coast CC
  • 27th Tim Mansfield Wynnum Redlands CC
  • 28th David Neagle BNE CC Race Team
  • 32nd Troy Netreba Sunshine Coast CC
  • 38th Erron Hennessy Murwillumbah CC
  • 41st Paul Campbell BNE CC Race Team
  • 42nd Mick Patton Sunshine Coast CC
  • 46th Phil Allen University of Queensland CC
  • 47th Giuseppe Gerretti De Luca BNE CC Race Team
  • 48th Sean Cox Bundaberg Cycling Club
  • 49th Brendan Verrenkamp Kangaroo Point CC
  • 51st Patrick Johnston University of Queensland CC
  • 54th Darrel Lord Sunshine Coast CC
  • 55th Tony Pratt Logan CC
  • 56th Andrew Griffiths Fraser Coast CC
  • 62nd Wayne Thompson Kangaroo Point CC
  • 64th Daniel McTainsh Moreton Bay CC
  • 65th Mark Battye Gold Coast CC

Division 3B Race Results

  • 3rd David Chick Sunshine Coast CC

Division 3 King Of the Mountain

  • 2nd Cameron Wickbold University of Queensland CC
  • 6th David Chick Sunshine Coast CC
  • 8th Tim Mansfield Wynnum Redlands CC

Division 3 Team Classiciation

  • 3rd BNE CC Race Team – David Neagle, Paul Campbell, Giuseppe Ferretti De Luca

Des Femmes Race Result

  • 4th Madeleine Lambooy Team Regional Australian Bank 2
  • 5th Elle Leah Gold Coast CC
  • 7th Pia Smith Team Regional Australia Bank 2
  • 8th Deborah Latouf Team Regional Australia Bank 1
  • 11th Catherine Reardon Team Regional Australia Bank 1
  • 15th Zara Bruce University of Queensland CC
  • 16th Jena Slavin Team Regional Australia Bank 3
  • 17th Amanda Kyneur Team Regional Australia Bank 1

Femmes QOM

  • 6th Elle Leah Gold Coast CC

Femmes Team Classification

  • 1st Team Regional Australia Bank 2 Madeleine Lambooy, Pia Smith, Jena Slavin
  • 2nd Team Regional Australia Bank 1 Deborah Latouf, Catherine Reardon, Amanda Kyneur