Registered Kit

Registered Kit

Cycling Queensland Jersey Registration 

Whilst competing in Queensland events, riders have three options from which to choose regarding their apparel. They must wear either: 

  • Registered club jerseys,
  • Completely plain apparel, or 
  • Registered Apparel e.g. team, local bike shop, or other organisation etc.

In 2020 a fee of $50 per rider applies for registration of jerseys. In a Sponsered team there is a maximum of 20 riders per jersey registration if more than 20 riders require jersey registration no additional fee will be charged. 

Registration process: 

Register your jersey here

  • You can register up to 20 jerseys via the registration link above, however if you require less than 20 riders, please leave the additional riders blank. 
  • If more than 20 riders are required for jersey registration please contact EntryBoss via to obtain a code to register another batch without additional payment. 
  • Already have a registered jersey? See it here