Track Rider Accreditation

Track Rider Accreditation


The Rider Accreditation Program is a mandatory process for all riders to complete prior to riding on the velodrome in a club, open or coach led training session at  the Anna Meares Velodrome. The accreditation program has been designed to ensure all riders have the necessary skills to utilise the Velodrome safely.

If you’re a beginner cyclist or have no experience on an indoor velodrome, you will be required to show you have the required skill level to ride and race on the velodrome. If you have none or very little track experience then we recommend that you first attend the Come & Try Series before progressing to the Accreditation program, which consist of two one hour sessions - Come & Try 

If you have experience on a track bike, ridden on an outdoor velodrome many times or have ridden an indoor velodrome before you can progress to the Level 1 Accreditation which involves a one hour track session with criteria that each rider must meet to be deemed competent. Once this is achieved riders can join club or CQ ran sessions. 

If you are a rider who has recently come to QLD and has previous National or International experience, within the past 5 years you can apply for a direct Level 3 Accreditation. If you fit this criteria please email with provided evidence for a direct accreditation, e.g. National or International race results. 

Note: The cost for the Level 1 and 3 Accreditation is $15 per rider. 


This chart will help you decide which route to take for the Accreditation process: Acc Flow



Level 1 Accreditation - What You Need 

  • Track Bike (which satisfied international safety standards and technical regulations)
  • Current Cycling Australia Ride or Race Membership - CA Membership Page 
  • Own helmet (by law you are required to wear a helmet at all times on a bike, the helmet must have the Australian Standard sticker AS/NZS 2063 intact or you will not be able to wear the helmet).
  • Appropriate cycling clothing and equipment
  • Water bottle & towel
  • If you need to hire a bike, please tick yes to a hire bike on the booking form. 

Level 1 Accreditation Booking

Generally the Level 1 Accreditation is the last Saturday of each month, however due to demand there are sometimes extra sessions added Find times here.

More Info

If you require more information, please contact the Cycling Queensland office on (07) 3390 1477