Open/Accreditation/Come & Try Sessions

Open/Accreditation/Come & Try Sessions



Perhaps you are a recreational rider, on the road or footpaths? Or maybe you haven’t tried cycling at all yet? There are many different pathways that you can get involved in Track Cycling, though one of the best places for you to be introduced to the world of Track Cycling is through Cycling Queensland’s Come & Try program.

Come & Try

Come & Try is run weekly, and is great for building fitness in a safe, controlled, off-road environment. One of our friendly coaches will run the session, rolling you through the basics of track cycling, building your skill set and your riding confidence.

What is included? Each Come & Try session you attend, bike hire, helmet hire, insurance, coaching cost and 1 hour of track time is included in your entry fee.

There are Junior Come & Try sessions available for younger riders wanting to try riding on the track. For Juniors to participate in sessions, they must be tall enough to fit our small track bikes, unless they have their own track bike.

Women on Track

If you are female, why not come to Women on Track? Their aim is to provide an inclusive environment for women ranging from complete beginners to those who ride a bike more regularly.

So, you have successfully completed a number of Come & Try sessions. You are feeling pretty confident on the track. What is next?

Once you have built up confidence and handling skills through the Come & Try sessions, you can then go through an Accreditation Program.

Accreditation Program

Completing the Accreditation Program allows you to ride on your own, in a group, club or open session format on the indoor velodrome. The program is designed to ensure that all riders have the necessary skills to utilise the Velodrome safely.

The Rider Accreditation Program is a mandatory process for all riders to complete prior to riding on their own or in a group, club or open session format on the indoor velodrome.

It's the next step following our Come & Try program for new riders.

The accreditation program has been designed to ensure all riders have the necessary skills to utilise the Velodrome safely.

Once you have completed the Accreditation Program you are then able to attend Open Track sessions.

Open Track

Open Track sessions are for Accredited riders who want to come and train on the indoor Velodrome. The sessions are coordinated by Cycling Queensland coaches. Riders who are participating in Open Track must be a current member of Cycling Australia.

After going through the Come & Try program, and gaining Accreditation to ride on the track and attending Open Track sessions… What is next? Have a look at what Events are coming up, perhaps you would like to take your indoor track riding to a race?