Upcoming Coaching Courses - QLD

Upcoming Coaching Courses - QLD

Coaching Courses

If you wish to attend a:

  • Introductory Skills Instructor, Community Club Coach, Level 1 Road & Track Coach or Level 1 Cyclocross and Gravel Coach course please contact Cycling Queensland at qld.info@cycling.org.au
  • For Level 2 Road and Track Coach Courses, please contact coaching@cycling.org.au

To become a coach - please complete the below pre-requisites and email interest to qld.info@cycling.org.au

To continue your coaching journey - please ensure your First Aid, Blue Card is linked and up to date with and submit your interest to qld.info@cycling.org.au

Coaching Course Eligibility / Pre-Requisites:

  • Email expression of interest to : qld.info@cycling.org.au
  • Be at least 16 years of age.
  • Be a financial member of Cycling Australia  - Click Here to Join the Ride
  • Work Sheets - complete and bring to the course. These will be emailed to you 2 weeks out from course date.

Additional Requirements:

  • Current First Aid accreditation of HLTAID003 or equivalent  - Click Here
  • Hold a valid Working with Children Check (Blue Card) or a Blue Card Exemption (volunteer = free of charge) - Click Here 
  • Complete Community Coaching General Principles Online Course - Click Here
  • Complete ASADA Anti Doping Online Course - Click Here

Please Note:

  • Preference will be given to applicants who are/will be involved with Club or State programs, events and initiatives.  
  • Cycling Queensland will ONLY accept and process completed application forms together with pre-requisite documents (e.g. First Aid Certificates, Blue Cards, Community Coaching Certificate, ASADA Anti Doping).
  • As there are limited spaces on coaching course -  applications will be processed in order they are submitted.

Ride Leader Course

The Ride Leader course will permit you to lead groups in low traffic conditions. The course is an assessment of your ability to organise and lead group recreational rides safely, and your ability to respond to the various situations which can arise on a group ride. 

Introductory Skills Instructor (ISI)

Beginning participation and the process of skills acquisition through simple motor learning.

The Cycling Australia ISI course provides participants with an introduction to the beginner level of teaching cycling, including the planning, implementation, analysis, and revision of beginner cycling skills coaching sessions. This is achieved through an understanding and application of the basic underpinning knowledge specific to cycling.

The ISI will work with community groups, clubs and schools that offer an introduction to cycling.

Community Club Coach (CCC)

The CCC involves a primary focus on participation in sports process by facilitating improved skills performance of a rider at club level. The CCC will have a basic understanding of kinetics and motor learning/control and their applications to cycling.

The CCC course is designed and targeted for intermediate skills coaches who assist beginner and club riders to develop their riding skills in the disciplines of road and track cycling.

Run as a 2-day course that establishes planning, implementation, analysis and revision of intermediate cycling skills coaching sessions. This is achieved through the application of the underpinning knowledge specific to intermediate skills and tactics for club to state level cycling.

The CCC is part of the club volunteer pathway and does not work within a commercial setting.

The CCC is a citizen of the club and will provide the best of evidence-based skills coaching for the members of the club.

Level 1 Coach

The L1 course is designed for beginning to intermediate cycling specific physiology and skills. Coaching within a club strategy and framework or beginning the commercial coaching pathway is the target audience for the L1 course. Development of coaching skills for the coach with a vision for assisting beginner and club riders to improve their physiology and riding skills in the disciplines of road and track or cyclocross and gravel cycling.

Delivered over two days, the L1 course establishes planning and implementation of beginning science-based training programs to enhance the physiological adaptation of athletes wanting to compete at the state and national levels under the performance lens of cycling. The analysis and revision of intermediate to advanced cycling skills coaching sessions is a large component of the L1 course structure and utilises theoretical and practical sessions to achieve competency.

Developing an understanding and application of the underpinning knowledge specific to intermediate skills and tactics for club to state level cycling through scenario-based learning.

The L1 can be part of the club volunteer pathway, or, application to a "beginning" commercial coaching setting.

The L1 coaching courses are aimed at people who want to coach club level and state/territory championship level riders to develop and advance their skills, tactics, health, fitness, and racecraft.

The L1 course addresses generic coaching and its application to cycling also teaching coaches how to nurture and develop riders and apply the "Art" of coaching and commencing the "Talent" aspect of the FTEM pathway.

Level 2 Coach (L2)

The L2 coaching course delivered over 4 days intensive face to face and 2 post-course assignment tasks sets the standard for minimum level competence with complex and critical evaluation of performance aspects relative to elite cycling under the FTEM model. Course competencies of physiological, psychological, biomechanical, nutritional and strength and conditioning interventions and testing, aimed at improving the performance outcomes for J19 and U23 athletes wishing to represent Australia at international events. The L2 coach will be a competent mentor for elite athletes and level 1 coaches with a clear understanding of the attributes and potential of the elite athlete.

Leading complex interventions in coaching and a strong focus on applying the art of high-performance coaching with skills in international travel and management of the athlete and team structures.

The L2 coach will apply researched principles in cycling relative to the specific pathway and discipline, assist with discipline-specific research in multidisciplinary elite performance support teams, deliver discipline specific high-performance strategies.

Level 3 Coach (L3)

The L3 coaching course will work with the trainee to explore their full potential as a coach under the lens of Mastery under the FTEM model with the knowledge and skills to work as the lead coach of an Australian team at World Championships, Commonwealth and Olympic games.

The 12 month face to face and self-directed learning L3 course is completed by way of a structured and supervised research project on a topic new to the trainee and which shows the potential to build the capacity and success of the Australian Cycling Team through new investigations into performance and management of the athlete and , or, equipment specific to the chosen discipline.

The trainee will also receive lecture and tutorial based learning either face to face or e-delivery in research, development, planning and monitoring along with structured supervisor contact.

The L3 coach may be involved in the mentoring of L2 coaches, the development of National cycling policy, supporting athlete development for major international competition, lead research and development teams and supervise university student placements within a cycling context.

For more information relative to L3 applications, please contact the Cycling Australia Learning and Development Coordinator.

Email: coaching@cycling.org.au

For more information please email or call Cycling Queensland on 3390 1477 or qld.info@cycing.org.au