Become apart of the Cycling Queensland Team!

Whether you want to be apart of the atmosphere by being involved in an official capacity or you might be:

  • A local wanting to support your community.
  • An avid cyclist.
  • A veteran volunteer.
  • A student wanting to gain experience.
  • Simply a lover of sport.

No matter your motivation, being part of the Cycling Queensland Team will be a rewarding experience. Here at Cycling Queensland we have 

  • Multiple roles to choose from, catering to a variety of individuals.
  • Groups, families and corporate groups needed for a great bonding opportunity.
  • The chance to meet new people, create new opportunities and build lifelong memories.
  • Gain and improve new or existing skills.
  • Opportunities to enhance student’s employability.


To enquire about current volunteering opportunities please contact Cycling Queensland via email at qld.info@cycling.org.au in the meantime be sure you follow us on our social media accounts: