What should I wear when riding my bike?

What should I wear when riding my bike?

Have you recently taken up bike riding? Are you trying to figure out what to wear when you go out riding? 

Picking the correct outfit to wear when you go out on your bike can be vital to the comfort, safety and enjoyability of your ride.

So you have bought yourself a bike, what else do you need? A helmet! Helmets have a shelf life, so it's important that you don't use an old one. There are many helmets out there that will meet your style, feel good on and fit your budget. Did you know that all helmets sold in Australia have to meet the Australian mandatory helmet standard? You will be able to find a sticker on your new helmet with a tick of approval. 

When you first start out riding, you can wear whatever you like as long as you are comfortable. It's best not to wear anything too baggy or loose, as it could get stuck or caught on your bike. Any sort of active wear like running shorts and a t-shirt would be fine. However, if you are starting to feel a little bit of discomfort it might be time to invest in some padded cycling shorts. 

Cycling clothing can be a great investment in riding your bike. It adds a great deal of comfort with cycling specific padding, as well as material that wicks away your sweat as your heart rate rises. If you are looking at cycling specific clothing for the first time, there are relaxed cycling jerseys and bike shorts that will take your riding to the next comfort level. 

Now that you have your helmet, and your clothing sorted, what about your shoes? Running shoes or sandshoes are suitable for riding your bike, just remember to tuck in your shoelaces so that they don't get caught. 

So you have got a good helmet, comfortable riding clothes, now what? Remember to do your ABC Bike Safety Check before you head out the door! Happy Riding!