Women's Cycling Skills Workshops

Women's Cycling Skills Workshops

Chicks Who Ride Bikes + Cycling Queensland presents Womens Cycling Skills Workshops

Under the tutelage of world class coaches, and surrounded by like-minded ladies, learn how to ride with confidence and skill, to make your bike riding experience more enjoyable, and safer.

Whats included: World Class Coaching | Barista made coffee | Cold drinks | Healthy snacks | Community

September 1st: Cornering and balancing - the basics.

September 28th: Bunch riding etiquette and technique.

October 26th: Drafting, pacelines and riding in the wind.

Beginner (7:00am - 8:30am)

If you're a newbie to the sport, or you want to prop that confidence up, then this is the group for you.

  • How to safely start and stop, balancing at lower speeds, riding with one hand and getting out of the saddle.

  • The basics of riding in a bunch, signalling and etiquette.

  • The basics of sitting a wheel, rolling turns and being safe and efficient in the wind.

Intermediate - Advanced (9:00am - 10:30am)

  • We'll be tackling track stands, riding through corners with confidence, and balancing like a boss. (Bring your sneakers.... we'll be playing around on the grass for this one!)

  • The foundations for moving safely through a bunch, efficiently sitting a wheel, and bunch leading skills.

  • We'll be taking those skills to the next level - with pacelines, echelons, and confident and smooth movement through the bunch.


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