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South Australia

About Us & Contact

The South Australian Cycling Federation Incorporated (Cycling SA) is the controlling and sanctioning body for the disciplines of track and road racing in South Australia. It is governed by the rules of the world controlling body, the UCI and the national body, Cycling Australia.

What We Do

Cycling is one of the premier sports in South Australia with our clubs dating back to the late 1800s. Over the past 120 years, the sport has evolved, and the organisation has evolved with it. Our goal is to provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds, abilities and ages to be involved with cycling, with a focus on Road and Track. Our membership is diverse, with Olympians and Tour de France yellow jersey wearers, to 8-year-olds who just like to ride their bikes. 

Non-competitive cyclists are also catered for through the Ride License categories. This provides our recreational membership with the same level of insurance and access to facilities (including access to the track) that our racing members enjoy.

New members are always welcome. If you don't know where you fit, please get in touch with the office and we will ensure you end up where you need to be!

Where We're Going

See our current Strategic Plan.

Contact Us

Phone: 0422 376 269

Email: sa.info@cycling.org.au