6 September 2020
South Australia

Whilst riding past the serene Victoria Park on a balmy Adelaide evening, have you ever wondered how the cyclists riding around the criterium track developed their skills and got into bike-racing?

Norwood Cycling Club and Cycling South Australia have created a pathway to provide an answer to your curiosity on the cusp of spring. We are offering CRIT Come & Try sessions in a safe and social environment run by our accredited coaches to help you build your bike-racing confidence and skills.

The first of the four sessions was held on August 30 (Sunday) at Pakpakanthi (Victoria Park).

The next three sessions will be held on Sundays (September 6, September 13, and September 20) between 2-4 PM. 

No dramas if you missed the first session, there's still three more to go. All you need to bring is your road bike, helmet, and enthusiasm!


These free sessions will provide you with platform to ride the apex, ride in a paceline, jump away from the bunch and improve your fitness to enhance the experience of your cycling journey. The sessions could be a lucrative platform for you to undergo skill-specific training to get prepared for an exciting and competitive season ahead.

Apart from improving your bike-racing skills, the sessions will help you build your social cycling circle, in the company of other enthusiasts like yourself which would make your experience wholesome. This could potentially provide you with an opportunity to join a club, make friends and enable you to start racing crits.

Norwood Cycling Club consistently organizes crit-racing weekly on Tuesdays for Men (16+ years) and fortnightly on Thursdays for Women (16+ years) and Juniors (8-16 years).

So, gear up in your lycra and make your way to Victoria Park on August 30 to write a new chapter in your cycling journey!


For further information please email us on or register by clicking here.

We look forward to welcoming you at the first session on Sunday, August 30.