Cycling Australia

CSA Clubs Forum


Cycling South Australia invites all members to participate in its second club forum of the year, to be held in the VIP room at The Adelaide Super-Drome on Sunday July 28 from 2:00pm-4:00pm


The purpose of club member forums is to create better engagement between the clubs, CSA and most importantly the membership base. The forum will address changes and new initiatives that both CSA and CA have implemented, exchanging of ideas, an update and review of the first half of the year, as well as other matters that will help benefit our sport.


As we head into the second half, and busiest part of the year, CSA has been determined to be proactive in our planning and programs. We have been delighted to see that a lot of progress has been made this year already. More cycling opportunities are being provided to our members and the remainder of the year will see a rise in activation with new programs to be added. We acknowledge that we need to continue to push for best practice, and importantly - offering products and services that our members are interested in.  As such we invite all members to be involved in these discussions


If there is a burning issue or questions that you would like to bring up with those who are responsible for delivering the sport that we all love, then this is your opportunity. Please send any items you'd like added to the agenda to


Hope to see you there.