Cycling SA to Host Junior Track Training at Hanson Reserve
South Australia

Cycling SA to Host Junior Track Training at Hanson Reserve


As previously announced, the South Australian government has lifted some of the restrictions around COVID-19. This has allowed CSA to offer training sessions for Junior riders at Hanson Reserve limited to nine riders with two Coaches. The sessions below will continue until June 8 where more standard programming is expected to recommence as we move to Stage 2 restrictions in South Australia.  

IMPORTANT: All participants MUST sign up on the Eventbrite links at the bottom of this page. A maximum of 9 places can be offered so it is first in, best dressed!

If you are planning to attend the sessions the overarching principles should be adhered to:

  • Maximum 10 Participants + 1 coach per session (with two coaches, this is 9 participants);
  • Outdoor training only;
  • Social Distancing – 1.5m between participants is encouraged;
  • Maintain a minimum of 10m from cyclist in front and avoid packs of greater than two (including motorcycle derny);
  • Increased focus on sanitation and cleaning;
  • Minimise use of communal facilities.

 “Get in, train, get out” 

The concept of “Get in, train, get out” was introduced by the AIS in a document in early May. When you turn up to a training session or event under COVID-19 restrictions, your primary purpose should be to train, not socialise or hang out for hours at the venue. 
You should be prepared to begin training upon arrival to the venue so as to minimise use of change rooms and showers at the venue, and you should leave the venue when your session finishes for the same reason. 
Spectators can attend training if they are required as transport or other necessary service for a participant. In these cases, it should be limited to one support person per session. 

Over the following weeks the following training sessions will be run. 

Eventbrite links Monday 18th May