Fixed Numbers - FAQ
South Australia

Fixed Numbers - FAQ

As part of the response to COVID-19 and the return to racing, Cycling SA is implementing a fixed number system which can be used by our members to reduce physical interactions on race days. It’s also been a long-term goal to make racing simpler and more streamlined for everyone, by allowing all road/crit participants to be allocated a permanent number which they don’t have to return at each race. Obviously this is new to everyone so there are bound to be some teething issues, and we’d appreciate your feedback if you think of something that might make the system work better!

Below you will find an explanation of some of the key points of the new Fixed Number system.


How do I get assigned a number?

Numbers will be assigned based on entries to races – enter a race and you’ll be assigned one of the numbers allocated to your grade. Any race you enter after that will automatically pull your number so it stays the same, and nobody else will be allocated the same number as you.

Can I choose my number?

If you want to choose a number from your grade’s allocation, you can do so by emailing with three number preferences. If one of those preferences is available it will be allocated to you and you will be invoiced a $10 admin fee. Chosen numbers will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Even if you’ve already been allocated a number, you can choose a new number and return your original number to CSA if it’s still in good nick.

Can I swap numbers with someone else in my grade?

Yes – but you’ll both need to notify CSA and pay the $10 admin fee.

How long will the numbers take to be made?

Initially, we’ll get most of the allocated numbers printed up so they’re ready for you at the first races. If you choose a number we haven’t printed yet you’ll need to wait at least a week before it’ll be ready at your next race – so if you think you’re going to choose a number do it sooner rather than later!

Where do I get my race numbers and do I need my own pins?

You’ll pick up your allocated numbers at the first race you enter. New safety pins will be provided with your numbers.

What do I do with them after the race?

Your numbers are yours to keep now. Any further races where these fixed numbers are used you will be able to use them at, so you won’t need to pickup new numbers at each race.

What if I forget to bring them to a race?

If you’ve been given race numbers and forget to bring them to a race where you need them, you’ll be able to get blank numbers to fill in with your fixed number for that race for a $5 fee (payable by EFTPOS).

What do I do if I lose my race numbers?

You can order replacement numbers by emailing A $10 fee is payable and the replacement numbers will be available for pick up at your next race (if they’ve not been printed by the next race, you’ll be given blank spares and the replacement numbers will be available at the next race).

If I go up or down a grade after I’ve already got a number, do I need a new number?

If you, for example, went from C Grade to B Grade after a few races, all you need to do is email and we’ll manually change your fixed number to an appropriate one for your new grade. You won’t need to pay for your new number, just enter the next race and pick up your new numbers there. Your old number will be freed up for the next person who joins the Fixed Number system in your old grade, so you won’t be able to use it for any further racing, but you can keep it if you don’t want to give it back.

Do I need to care for my numbers?

If your numbers are too dirty or the safety pins get rusty, it can be hard for our volunteers to read them. If your numbers get wet, make sure you remove the safety pins from them and store them somewhere dry until your next race! Give them a wipe with soapy water if they get too grubby.

My numbers have worn out. Can I get new ones?

If your numbers have become illegible from use, you can order replacement ones through CSA as above. If you take care of your numbers as above, the print should stay intact for at least 12 months. We will be looking at a more permanent solution to fixed numbers for SA racing in the coming months, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

I could race in multiple grades depending on what’s available. Do I need two fixed numbers?

The numbers have been allocated so that when the grades on offer are mixed, those racing in women’s grades will not have to change their number. As per the chart below, any Women’s A graders who race Mixed C Grade will be provided two sets of numbers (one red, one yellow) and similarly those Women’s B graders who race mixed C grade will be provided one blue set of numbers and one yellow.

Juniors who might race Junior A grade or a senior grade if there are no Junior grades on offer will be required to notify CSA of their intention to ride up so that a correctly coloured set of numbers can be made with their Fixed Number. As above this will require 7 days’ notice, or a blank can be purchased on race day.


Senior Fixed Number allocations for SA Winter 2020 Racing



Men's A

Men's B

Women's A

Men's C

Women's B

Men's D

Women's C

Men's E

Mixed Grade Racing











Number Colour



1 Red set, 1 Yellow


1 Blue set, 1 Yellow



Numbers allocated












I don’t like my grade’s number colour. Can we change it?

No! If you don’t like the colour your grade has been assigned, you better get to training so you can get an upgrade!

Do I have to pay for my first set of numbers?

Your first set of numbers in any grade will be paid for by your race entry. You’ll only need to pay to replace numbers if they get lost or you wreck ‘em.

The numbers are coloured. Does this mean we won't need helmet covers anymore?

Not necessarily. While the numbers help you in the bunch recognise who is in your race and not, our volunteer commissaires still need to be able to identify bunches as they're approaching, not just after they've gone past. We're working on a solution that will mean that helmet covers will no longer be necessary, but it's not quite ready yet.