IMPORTANT: Big Schedule Change Ahead
South Australia

IMPORTANT: Big Schedule Change Ahead


Cycling South Australia is excited (and a little surprised, if we're honest!) to see a massive resurgence in entries at the State Road Titles, led by the Masters Men. Similarly, we were expecting our sub-Elite-Under-30 racers and those Masters-age riders who are outgunned by the few very quick Masters in each grade to get excited to race on a new course in the Support races. This didn’t happen! To accommodate this quite large departure from our predictions, we’ve had to make some very significant schedule changes. Before we start – we apologise to anyone who is inconvenienced by these changes.

The plan had been to roll all of the Support races in the morning session, then get the State Championships underway with a mid-morning session for juniors (to allow for regional kids to get there in the morning without having to leave home well before the sun’s up!) and an afternoon session to cover our Elite, U23 and U19 races with one or two Masters races thrown in the mix (well, squeezed in the mix). Instead, there are way more entries than last year’s Masters races (especially in the Men’s!) and so we’ve had to make some pretty drastic changes to the schedule for this Saturday’s State Road Championships. Actual start times will still depend on final entry numbers tonight, so a full schedule will come out tomorrow.

With a long day of racing to fill and only so much light to work with, we have decided to keep the Masters races in the afternoon session, however the start of that session will now be 2:45PM. All Masters races will be combined as necessary and will all run in this third session of the day – if the schedule is running behind, we may need to cut a lap from some races to get finished before it starts to get dark.

Session 2, in the middle of the day, will stay as the Junior session. All Juniors from U9 to U17 will race in this session, and final race times will depend on number of entries for the U9 and U11 grades (if you know any little ones keen to race, send them our way and make sure they get their entries in tonight!). This session will likely start at approximately noon.

Session 1 will now be the Elite, U23 and U19 session, with a 9:00AM start. We know it’s early, but think of it this way – depending on weather and race speed on this yet-untested course, all races after this may need to be shortened due to time constraints. This way, you get your full race distance without having to worry about it!

Cycling SA recognises that a schedule change of this magnitude will likely be incompatible with somebody’s existing weekend commitments, and anyone unable to make their new race time should get in touch at to see what we can do – refunds will be available for those who need to scratch due to other commitments. We apologise to all for any inconvenience caused by this scheduling change. On the other hand, if this updated schedule makes it easier for you to get out here and race – you can still get your entries in until midnight tonight!

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An updated schedule will be emailed to all participants and posted on the Cycling SA Facebook page tomorrow (Tuesday).