Mypolonga State Roads: Age Categories FAQ
South Australia

Mypolonga State Roads: Age Categories FAQ


***Please note: Cycling SA is acutely aware of the changing nature of SA Health's COVID-19 response and its effects on organised sport. Should the situation change so as to make undertaking this event illegal or irresponsible, it will be cancelled and any entrants will receive a full refund.***

With the State Road Championships at Mypolonga just 11 days away and entries closing on Monday, August 10, some of you have had questions about your entry options! Particularly for those not racing Elite or a Junior age category, this year there is a bit more of a choice to make.

Why now?

The State Road Championships are a unique event each year, in that they tend to be attended by only a select few from our normally quite large racing pool. This seems to because unlike a graded road race or crit, most people who don’t currently race A grade don’t see an opportunity for them to race at the State Championships because they don’t think they’ll be able to keep up or get to have a good race against those in their age category that are much faster than them. In truth, we want everyone to be able to participate in every event we hold, whether they’re the fastest Masters 3 cyclist in the state or the slowest! Last year’s State Roads saw 0-4 entrants in any given Masters category, with not a single category meeting the minimum requirement of 6 entrants in order to have their own race.

What do I race, then?

If you’re a non-Elite adult cyclist, you can enter the Support race for your given grade. If you normally race D grade, you can enter the Support D grade race and get to race on the Mypolonga course outlined below in a race of appropriate length against other people of your ability level. You won’t be participating in a State Championship, so won’t be eligible for an age-category medal, but the entry is cheaper given that the racing is a support event.

If you’re over 30 and a non-Elite cyclist, you have a choice: enter the Support race for your grade as above, and race against your peers as if it were a normal road race like the recent one at Macclesfield; or enter your age category State Championship race to compete for a State medal. Any age category that gets the minimum of 6 entrants will be run as its own race, and any other categories that don’t meet the minimum will be combined. As an example, the 16 Men’s and Women’s Masters grades may be rolled into three races – WMAS1-8, MMAS1-4 and MMAS5-8. Combined Masters races are run to the maximum distance allowable for the highest age category in the combination – in the examples above, the WMAS race would be no longer than 70km, MMAS1-4 no longer than 90km and MMAS5-8 no longer than 70km. As usual, Masters medals will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each age category, not just the top 3 of the combined race.

When will you know what grades are being combined and how long the races will be?

We can’t confirm the combinations until State Championship entries close on Monday. On Tuesday, a final schedule will be decided on and published on the CSA website and the event Facebook page. If you’re keen to get confirmation that your grade will get its own race come next weekend, there is a way to do it – enter now! The sooner we can confirm there are enough entries in your Masters grade the sooner we can confirm your time and that your race will happen.

Can you confirm the schedule?

Not yet – it’s completely dependent on how many Support races and how many Age Category races we need to run. The finalised schedule will be published on Tuesday as above, and anyone who needs to scratch or change races because of the new timetable will be able to. It’s likely that if more Masters enter than we’re expecting, some of those races will need to move to the morning session.

If I’m an adult, can I race the Time Trial on the Sunday, make a weekend of it?

Of course! The Mypolonga Time Trial on Sunday will be the Junior State Championships and a SA Round of the National Para-Cycling Series, but we’re also running a support race for any adults who are keen to stay up for the weekend and race the TT as well. It looks like an absolutely picturesque course along the banks of the river, and relatively flat!

The Road Course:

Beginning from the sign on area at Mypolonga Institute, the course rolls along Balanada Dr for around 2km before turning up Merriwa Rd for a 900m, 3.5% uphill gravel section. The course then turns left onto Wool Shed Rd and Mypolonga Rd, where it will be open-road-rules as per a normal CSA road race – staying left and absolutely no crossing of the centre line! After 1.4km of straight, flat road we’ll turn back onto the Western end of Balanada Dr and back onto closed roads for some quick, downhill corners, turn right onto McKerlie Rd and a quick left along the river bank on S Bokara Rd to the finish. All laps except the final lap will crack a left at Green St to head back up the main street to the Mypolonga Institute, with all races to finish at the finish line at the end of S Bokara Rd.

The TT Course:

Beginning on N Bokara Rd and heading North from Mypolonga, the course is nearly flat and heads out for approximately 5km of winding roads along the river before turning around and heading back to Mypolonga. Shorter distances will finish here while the longer distances will head along S Bokara Rd to a second turnaround before finishing back in Mypolonga.