Pakapakanthi (Victoria Park)
South Australia

Pakapakanthi (Victoria Park)

Pakapakanthi (Victoria Park) is the home of South Australian Criterium Racing. Situated just out of the heart of the CBD in the Adelaide Parklands - the facility is the envy of cycling organisations across the world. Over daylight savings, the facility hosts weekly club racing hosted by Norwood Cycling Club, training sessions and various other programs, many of which continue over the full year. The facility is also used heavily by Pedal Prix, SAMCA, Triathalon SA and is the home of the Adelaide 500 - which sees the facility unavailable for cycling through much of March. 

Outside of formal bookings the facility is a fantastic space to ride, providing a traffic-free environment for riders of all ages to feel safe whilst riding their bikes. Please note - that there can be significant bicycle and pedestrian traffic so care should always be used when using the facility. The user guide can be found HERE

The facility is managed by the Adelaide City Council - and all bookings need to go through them. CSA can facilitate irregular bookings for clubs as required. For more details on private use please see the Council's Website HERE.

Regular Training

Over summer, there are a variety of training and racing opportunities for current and future members alike. Run by CA qualified coaches they are able to cater for a wide range of abilities. Email CSA at to find out about all the upcoming sessions!

Norwood Senior and Junior Training

Open to all CSA members and non-members, senior and junior training sessions will run weekly on Mondays and Thursdays at Victoria Park. Riders will be provided opportunities to train in supportive club-based environments for $10 dollars and led by fully qualified Cycling Australia accredited coaches. Training's will emphasise the importance of necessary skill development such as bike handling and control, combined with fitness and race specific training.

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Criterium Come & Try

As a sport we have spent a lot of time focusing on delivering competition, but often have neglected to understand just how intimidating it can be to step into racing, even for those who are experienced bike riders! CSA and NCC have both recognised the need to provide criterium specific training opportunities, where riders can learn the skills and gain the confidence they need to be prepared to ride and race in a bunch. As such, we are excited to launch a series of introductory crit sessions over the spring and summer months.

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Pakapaknthi can be set up in a variety of ways, and race in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. From January through to March the Western Circuit is unavailable due to the set up for the Adelaide 500. 

Grandstand Circuit


Grandstand Circuit

Full Circuit

Vic Park Long

Western Circuit

Vic Park West