South Australia


South Australia cyclists get to experience some of the best roads (and trails) in the world. We also have access to some of the best cycling venues in the country. These venues offer a safe traffic free environment for riders of all abilities to ride and train. Cycling South Australia, in combination with our clubs, use these venues to host inclusive racing - with events for beginners through to world-class athletes! 

The Adelaide Superdrome

The Adelaide Superdrome is one of the fastest indoor velodromes in the world. The 250m bank track is home to the Australian Cycling Team and offers training and racing opportunities for almost all ages and abilities. The venue underwent extensive upgrades in 2019, and now features new lights, heating and upgraded air conditioning. 

Click here for all the racing and training opportunities coming up!

Edwardstown Velodrome

Edwardstown Velodrome is the home of South Coast Cycling Club. During Daylight savings, the club runs weekly training (Juniors - Monday, Seniors - Wednesday) along with Friday Night Racing (complete with the best Sausage Sizzle in the state!). The track has also recently undergone an upgrade being converted from bitumen to concrete, and the whole oval precinct has had a major overhaul. The venue is open to the public when not in use - but be mindful that it is a shared space - with both other sports and the non-riding public so extra care should be taken when using the track outside of the designated training and racing times. 

Check out South Coast Cycling Clubs Website for more info!

Hanson Reserve Velodrome

Hanson Reserve Velodrome has recently returned to use after being out of commission for over a decade. The Port Adelaide-Enfield Council invested considerably in the venue to make it one of the best outdoor tracks in the world. The concrete track is just over 400m, and although there is some banking - it is much less intimidating than the indoor 250m SuperDrome. The track is the shared home of both the Port Adelaide Cycling Club and the Kilkenny Cycling Club, and both host regular racing and training at the venue. 

Mount Gambier Velodrome

The Blue Lake Velodrome hosts regular Track Training Sessions every Wednesday at 5:15pm for a 5:30pm start during the Daylight Savings period. The club has a number of bikes available for those new to the sport.  Get in touch with the club to find out more!

Victoria Park - Pakapakanthi

Pakapakanthi is the only Criterium Circuit in Adelaide. Although no club has official rights over the venue, the summer months see Norwood Cycling Club use the venue extensively with weekly racing and training sessions for a variety of ages and abilites. Over winter the venue sees fewer events, but there is always something on the calendar. For junior riders - the venue hosts the majority of Terms 1, 2 and 4 of CSASS.

The venue is very popular, with it also being used by Pedal Prix, other cycling groups and the general public. Care should be taken when using the venue outside of designated bookings, and please respect other stakeholders right to book the venue. The Park is shut down several times a year for major events - including the Adelaide Horse Trials and the Adelaide 500. 

Graeme Jose Memorial Velodrome (Whyalla)

The Whyalla Cycling Club's home track continues to produce some of the best track riders in the world, including current olympic hopefuls and masters world champions. The 250m outdoor banked concrete track has training and racing all through summer. Contact the Whyalla Cycling Club to find out more!